1. As if this tool is even within the realms of having a solution to the issue let alone being able to understand it. Definition of a useful idiot. Fuck career politicians

  2. They were asking for European money well before Russia invaded. Do some reading first before you waste my time any further.

  3. You can’t educate these people my friend. They will not hear it. They have TV turned up louder.

  4. I may have done it wrong. I did it one time before, but this saw is different how it's secured to track, and it moved on me

  5. Yes you have to set a track saw up so that it moves forwards and backwards freely but doesn’t wiggle side to side. You always have to set up new tools and most saws. This is not a slap dash kind of tool it’s for accuracy. And yes you can buy a new rubber for the rails. Set it up properly next time your new rubber arrives. 👍

  6. Fuck me, I thought it was a joke. Thems some smarts

  7. He’s hung so many thousands of doors that he can no longer tell if a doors upside down. Sounds legit 😂

  8. Nice, you’ll get more use out of one made from Oak, Beech or Maple though. Olive wood is also pretty good and cherry etc. Less porous is what you should be looking for. That’s a nice start for a bread board or something though. Wouldn’t put antipasti on it or anything wet that will pick up flavour/chemicals like boron etc. Don’t sweat it over the replies too much, every single wood can be an irritant but the ones listed above are the best of the bunch. Kids wooden toys are beech for example as it’s very gentle & highly antibacterial.

  9. A cold is literally fuck all, why is everyone pretending a common cold is the flu? You can get on with your day fine with a cold as they are commonplace and shouldn’t stop you living your life. Absolute sicknotes. Embarrassing.

  10. Eeee a can see meself knockin up a lovely halal otpot in thur like.

  11. It's a $4 bit holder. So, first, you're going to need access to a lathe.

  12. 😂 The game was over a long time ago I reckon

  13. Remove drawer. Screw legs in to the box from inside using one of these right angle drill bit extension thingies:

  14. This will work if you never move or slide the table around. Your screw length will probably only be about 2” or 50mm to enable you to screw down into endgrain from inside the drawer housings. You’ll only end up with about an inch of that screw in the endgrain of the legs. Endgrain is also very weak and not to be screwed into structurally really. Just keep it in mind. Best way to do it is threaded inserts on metal plates and a small retaining screw, one in each leg put in when legs are screwed in and squared up to stop them rotating out of square. Or a small dowel but you’ll never be able to remove the legs again if needed. That will be simple and strong and stay out of the drawers way. Ask a professional to do it.

  15. O’Keeffe’s Working Hands, 96g Jar - Hand Cream for Extremely Dry, Cracked Hands | Instantly Boosts Moisture Levels, Creates a Protective Layer & Prevents Moisture Loss

  16. Also, person takes one look at the guy who just got knocked out by a paratrooper cat and just leaves him without making any attempt to check if he's ok.

  17. China 🤷 some of them believe it’s unlucky. If someone’s had an accident or experienced misfortune then the idea is that it spreads to the next person. Would explain why I see it happen almost every time in every video. Retarded. Not all of them think like this obviously though. Quite annoying to watch when they do.

  18. Ha. Sorry, used up my other has on the other 25 identical posts today.

  19. I bet you did, bet they all got the same little snarky bitch comment on them too, get back to work boyo!

  20. That's less then I thought it would be, they hold up to high loads good?

  21. Yes they do, only need to tighten them up snug. No20 biscuits and a little wood glue does the rest of the holding for good. They’re the only worktop bolts I use and totally worth it. Try them next time and you’ll really appreciate them.

  22. Yes I only use these. Have been for the last couple of years. Love them!

  23. Tools. Most likely stolen from a fellow trades van or garage by some unemployed cunt.

  24. If I think you're going to stand and watch my every move, I won't turn up.

  25. “If you do a good job, then I’ve got plenty more work for you” fuck right off, shove that carrot up your Aberdeen Angus. Instantly puts me off

  26. So easy. Those shite roast potatoes might put me off bothering though, state of them.

  27. Not really sure where to start with this one it’s just an extremely bad job that no normal person would be happy to walk away from. It should only be at the bottom of the skirting and maybe the bottom riser at most. I’m afraid that if there are gaps under that trim then it’s going to be an awkward conversation for you to ask them to reinstall that flooring properly. This is not a complicated job it just requires scribing or cutting out the bottoms of the architrave with a multi tool to slide the flooring under properly. I remove all skirting and architrave and reinstall it when I’m done flooring, it’s so simple. There’s no way in hell that they would think this was a decent job.

  28. Somehow, I always needed a poo when I got home with a new game for my ZX Spectrum. I'd set it away loading & read the cassette inlay whilst on the toilet.

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