1. Seems like it just split, your best bet is to get it hydrated buy putting some damp towel on it, till it gets flexy. Then use either liquid nails or a hide paste and card the ears up and let dry. Should look seamless if you do it right

  2. That sounds like a pretty good solution. You're sure the moisture won't damage it?

  3. The shine on those teeth is unlike any other bobcat i've ever seen. Beautifully done!

  4. Thank you! I love my new shoes so much :) much comfier than air forces and new rocks

  5. Was talking to a guy at a lamb of god concert about death grips. I had an exmilitary shirt on and he brought it up. He told me about sematary and i went and listened after the concert. I remember thinking to myself "This shit is terrible.... i gotta hear more."

  6. Will I would definitely finish the exhaust so it goes to the back of the car.

  7. Thank you this was the exact response I was looking for

  8. Lots of things efflorescence in ways we don’t normally see. Pretty beautiful what is hidden in the mundane.

  9. The fact that they've never, not once, put ANY Legendary in the box after taking them away leaves me very pessimistic about Legendaries in GBL. Even though everyone's complaining about low encounter rates, it still wouldn't surprise me if they just remove them outright next season.

  10. i actually got a ho oh out of the box once a few years ago

  11. This is one of the funniest looking pacman frogs I've ever seen

  12. I got them from this place called The Pet Shoppe in Vallejo CA. I believe they can do online orders and ship to you if you call them. Dude's got connections everywhere he can get you any kind you want.

  13. I’m raising one up right now from a sling. Of all my Ts this thing is the fiercest. I put two small crickets i and it just hunted them both like nothing I’ve ever seen. It was like Mighty Mouse kicking two gorillas asses.

  14. I was gonna say... that does not look like a lizard sir😂😂

  15. Takyon - death grips Not really typical rap and also not on most streaming services but idk I like it

  16. oh yeah I love that song I'm a huge death grips fan

  17. Thanks so much. He's a stoic but sweet man. The next morning is actually what started our bond we have now. When we woke, I walked into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee and he was already prepping breakfast. He said: "It's tradition in my home to make Eggs Benedict for breakfast on Christmas Eve. I replied by asking if he wanted me to make the hollandaise sauce. He turned, surprised, and looked me right in the eye and asked: "You know how to make Hollandaise? We're going to get along just fine." And then he hugged me. Couldn't of dreamt of a better dude to be my woman's old man.

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