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  1. You should see what nasus W can do...

  2. Another trick for you is at Nexus. You can hit both turret if you line up on the side of the turret, this way both turret will get hit

  3. You can watch Earl or Mr. Anton both equally skilled and fun

  4. I’ve always wanted a z, wasn’t sure on what prices go for used, also was gonna ask seller to let me take it get a inspection before I buy it

  5. It's smart to get the car checked

  6. Any of you actually chall or actually outrank this guys twitch?

  7. No one said outrank or anything close to that, but comparing euw/korea twitch player who deals with and against much better players

  8. Fair enough I will climb on Korea since too much dogs here like to complain when they themselves come nowhere close LOL

  9. Why are you so butthurt about the truth? Some servers proved themselves to be truly challenging because the number of skilled players in specific region, you see pro players train in CN, EUW, and Korea and nothing else

  10. Beware, as they will both are scams, they will give you a demo account that will look legit. Once you have withdrawn your money, they will force you to put it back by giving you false information

  11. They will advise you to buy bad stocks/commodity/futures and in order not to lose your money due to margin call, you have to deposit

  12. I saw the dubai Z event to release the new Z on instagram. Did you participate in it?

  13. I revealed my new color there! It was a jaw dropper for many. Including me honestly, I was expecting a very mild color but once the polishing began the car started to glow blue enough to attract flies 😂 It’s a very surreal color and will definitely break necks.

  14. I bet your Z attracted many people. It's always fun seeing an unusual paint job, I saw the event live on Instagram, and it seemed a lot of fun

  15. I would suggest silver, black vehicle with black wheels doesn't look great imo

  16. Dem Carbon fibua door handle is sick on red exterior

  17. I think you could do VR30DDTT with that price, including the swap and labour

  18. I took recently took and installed suspension of 2017 Nismo that I found in junkyard, and let me tell you it is different than the sport/base suspension. It feels much better than stock suspension.

  19. Epr International got some great products and great prices

  20. Some kind of fuse box I think. I opened mine and it had three large rectangular fuse like items and other empty slots. Running day lights, Heated seats,...and so on. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable can give the proper name.

  21. Hopefully, I just want to check the price for it because the Box itself is damaged and worried if I wash the car water will go in.

  22. Dam, sad day indeed. Hopefully, she will be on the road back soon without destroying your wallet 🙃

  23. I'm in same boat, have tried few did not like the around ball shaped ones, i will follow and hopefully will find one that looks good and not made out something that holds heat cuz the summer in my country reaches up to 55 Celsius

  24. If car is new or hardly ever floor it, you will get that smell, I had this smell on different car when I bought it with low mileage, asked the dealer told me it's normal

  25. Do what I did, just enjoy the Z on first year then decide what you will do,

  26. Stock 370z makes around 260-275 whp

  27. I only did 65k miles out of those in 3 years

  28. Yes it can be done, but cost wise you’re better off running turbos on your vq

  29. Yeah those VR30DDTT engines are bit expensive and annoying to swap

  30. I think most people prefer to play in their own room, I myself played in same gaming longues since 03 to 16 until it closed, made good friends and it was fun socially, back then my home desktop was not made for gaming and was using dial-up connection, in 2019 my area finally have fiber optic and I have my own desktop for gaming and let me tell you it is more convenient and comfortable to play at your own home and you will save a lot of money playing wherever you want; cuz on weekends you won't find a free desktop to play on in gaming longues, plus public bathrooms in those gaming cafe are not clean

  31. People go to gaming lounges because they don't have gaminh set ups at home.

  32. Well aware, I mentioned that....I said if they had good Internet and desktop most wouldn't go to gaming cafes

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