1. ياخي الشغل الخليجي غييييير

  2. الله يجزاك الجنه؛

  3. thought this was a porsche for a second lol , awesome interior really makes it look so modern like its the newest Z.

  4. The plan was aggressive, exterior, and unique and modern interior,

  5. Does it affect your audio quality? And did you have to cut a lot to install it?

  6. I see nice things are going to happen.

  7. Yep just waiting for the funds to roll in so I can get my bumper repaired and painted I’ve also been saving on the side for some wheels, I was going to get reps last week but decided to save my coin a bit longer and get myself a good pair of real wheels

  8. Hey, I'm in a similar situation. I had expensive wheels, and it was Works kiwami, but it got obliterated so I have a place holder wheels until I decide, I'm legit leaning towards the Advan GT wheels or Works SP1.

  9. I’m still not a fan of the side mirrors everything else looks fucking awesome though. What you doing for the interior? What’s your plan/vision for it?

  10. Well, it takes time to like those side mirrors. They look great in person, especially on sunny days

  11. Thanks, each year I focus on something to change. Last year was a body kit, and now it's time to spend on interior 😆

  12. I replaced my exhaust gaskets multiple times when I bought my manzo exhaust (basically Chinese with brand slapped into it) it creates a minor hissing sound around the downstream of the cats/test pipes usually...if it's oem exhaust then it might not be a gasket but a leak from the flex pipe in the middle section (the oem i had a small hole in flex pipe) which gave that hissing sound,

  13. My highest was 140 Celsius (285 fahrenheit), but it was during hot summer days 55 Celsius (130 fahrenheit) with a damaged radiator and it still got me thru even the engine temp was at 13 dots

  14. 240 in traffic is hot, but not dangerously so. At that temp most synthetic oils will be fine. For oil I wouldn’t worry until about 260, even though everyone and their mom will tell you that you NEED and oil cooler. You run a bigger risk of engine damage by oil that won’t reach full temp than you do at 240.

  15. Oil coolers are cool and all, but it's not necessarily important. Plus, you will run the risk of leaks if quality is not so good.

  16. This colour on Z is just too good.

  17. This looks like a nice place in the morning...

  18. “No offense” then shits on the guy for his car lol nice opinion.

  19. Well, it's always work in progress. You can voice your opinions or give advice to the owner nicely

  20. Is that a sport package? I’ve only seen those wings on that package and it looks great! Congrats

  21. It's a veilside wing and its aftermarket wing, so it doesn't come in any stock. Z , a bit extreme for some people...I myself like it.

  22. Glad someone asked because I really want one for my Z when I get it

  23. You got 2 options either go amuse (it got 3rd brake light) and less extreme

  24. Light AF, cheap, good size specs available, and seemingly strong enough. I’ve seen a lot of track/autox folks use these

  25. Go for whatever you like. But Advan GT’s cost more than 3x as much.

  26. Well, I either buy advan GT or go something good and budget friendly wheel sets along with a suspension kit for the price.

  27. Yeah... and I doubt it will ever change back to those prices

  28. That's interesting, which country do you live in? There's European countries with very strong American car communities as well but they're definitely never a common sight. The Netherlands is a tiny country but the amount of Mustangs I run into on a yearly basis in open traffic can probably be counted on two hands.

  29. Kuwait, but it's also established in Saudi Arabia, UAE, bahrain, Qatar, and oman, you will see all sorts of mustangs conditions too, there are even a lot of dedicated preformance shop for mustang not only in my country but the whole gulf.

  30. I'll have to take my Stang on a middle-eastern roadtrip so that if I break down at least there'll always be local expertise haha.

  31. IF break down, most likely it will because of horrible roads here

  32. Man I wonder why most modern cars don't have cigarettes lighter and Ash tray...

  33. Nobody smokes anymore. Same reason the corner vent window is no longer so damn important to have.

  34. The triangle window..I had that on my old nissan hardbody legit it was fun to open when weather starts to cool...even though rolling the window down was more effective but it was cool to slide that tiny window and let air in...

  35. It will be a plot holes when you survive the first pothole then you move to extremely difficult and multiple holes trying to dodge each one while trying not to hit other cars

  36. I was following you for some time, which is a very interesting idea

  37. This reminds me of Yahoo answers... There were a lot of odd questions

  38. First, before letting a mechanic physically check the car, let him do an OBD scan. It will be cheaper.. because whatever warning it shows, the obd will give code, and you can check what it is

  39. I bought the RJM clutch pedal not installed yet, will it cause this issue?

  40. Test drive a camaro, that cars blindspots are so bad the Z will seem normal.

  41. Oh yes...I remember before buying my mustang, test drove Camaro was my First...and I legit did not feel comfortable driving...the issue is how they did the doors and window...after that I realize why the mustang sells more because Ford focus on driver before aerodynamic (even though the s197 front aerodynamic is equivalent to a fridge)

  42. I own both 370z and Mustang 2011 and I can tell you the mustang is not the same as the Z at all

  43. do you know of any good reputable sites like z1?

  44. Concept Z got the largest collection for your Z, While Z1, they minimize their collection to more of a quality than quantity

  45. You got concept Z, Z1, Zspeed, admin, Soho

  46. Generic EPA 370z fenders, they're between 500 to 900 usd

  47. They have an update for your OEM navigation system, also bit expensive but at least you will keep it oem looking

  48. You could do what I did, just put a piece of paper on visible location

  49. The fly1 removes the middle piece and I believe it ruins the look,

  50. I feel that. Gives me a lil bit of a jeep vibe. Sitting here debating on a nismo or the fuji. 1k is enuff prolly another 1000 to paint it too🥴

  51. It's more of a discussion than a debate. We are all entitled to what we like and don't like. Otherwise, we wouldn't have nice and horrible designs

  52. I'm glad you're safe and nice upgrade, but what's with the rear wheel...

  53. Just curious what makes them look ugly?

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