1. Eh man thank you I read that back after a long time and i realise life s so much better now

  2. bro i've deleted all of them, i have them in the bin, i'll keep them up for a day, copy it and upload it again, so that others can use it

  3. https://shukraditya.notion.site/4e1139e3c0ea4aa498d42d540e71f2fa?v=bd0b69a392f0424081a7d1aa266d8c3c

  4. That's unacademy bro You need the plus subscription for that

  5. Agr itni hi maths padhni thi toh...mains mei kyu hag diya..ki vit join karne k din aagye

  6. class six se gaand ghiske dikhao, fir you'd be jusst qualified enough to ask me "KYUN HAG DIYA"

  7. It would be helpful if you gave me as im from PW and cant get irodov solutions and advanced lectures easily. Unacademy has very good adv courses.

  8. Just like people casually use the word “north indians”

  9. Except the truly northern union territories & states to the north of Delhi, the entire universe is called north India, while the former is intentionally & conveniently ignored.

  10. "IIT mein ghane chutiye hote hain" - Ashleel Grover, Loda PomPom University

  11. With the stationary store ower behind my school. She was divorced with 2 kids. The best part was she used to live alone. We did it multiple times. Good times

  12. Who take This Subreddit serious... People here will choose NIT manipur instead of VIT 🙌

  13. Tag tabhi matter krta hai jab tum top tier college se ho like top IITs NITs iiith bits etc. Yaha log nit jammu civil ko bhi lene ke liye tyar ho jayenge over decent pvt college cse because "tag"

  14. Id suggest thora bohot chote chote cheeze likhte jao, ek scrap paper mein. Zyada retention hota hain when you actively engage with it

  15. Bolke padha karo sab ,jyada ghusta hai dimag me. Ghrwale bhi khus rehte hai

  16. Sab bkl placement ke liye jaate hain, aadhe ko toh shaukh bhi nahi hota but karna hain

  17. It is. Ive been using it for a year and half now. The speed is great and more so than that, jio replies to any faults in like 24 hours so no more waiting after 400 calls to alliance

  18. Bangladesh, lmao. Dirt cheap, great quality. Im yet to find a store in kolkata that can provide something that good for that cheap

  19. admin please ban this guy, iska server faltu hai, kuch coding se reltaed cheeze nahi hai

  20. What were you expecting at 3 am in the morning

  21. constructive discussion rather than someone flexxing how much they know

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