1. It was a toss up between "my girlfriend" and "your mom," but I was worried that it would appear mean and nasty, instead of funny.

  2. I invite them over to cuddle with all my animals.

  3. Tell them good morning. Bake them cakes. Bring them food. Basically just show them you care enough about the small things which would trickle into the big things

  4. Either I stay busy to stay out of my head. Or once I succumb to how tired depression makes me I nap alot. Finding the will to do anything is a chore.

  5. the fact that finding the will to do something is tiring enough, i literally dk anymore

  6. I feel it and wishing you the best. It's a struggle.

  7. Technoblade's death :( I started watching him 5 years ago and his death due to cancer just hurts

  8. yooo, my partner got depressed on his death as well. it's hard cos idk how i can help to comfort him

  9. It's quite normal, in case of technoblade it's even more common due to his unique personality, let him have some time about it. He will definitely recover.

  10. he's doing well rn compared to last time. and indeed technoblade is a great person

  11. So, are we talking gender only or sex? How does this work, if you’re a cis girl, do you become a trans boy, or do you become a cis boy, implying sex also changes?

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