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  1. Mods Please ban this site, only fake shit

  2. Not nice, but I liked lol , I am a bad guy ?

  3. Mods Ban Heat Nation Please , only garbage.

  4. That's why the cost is cheap. High risk, high reward. Covid issue isn't a factor here and he hasn't had any major health concerns for years. He's also 30 rather than 36. I'd say he's just as likely as Kyle to touch the court.

  5. This is not a sotck market, Dude. This Drama Queen implodes any Team.

  6. He won a championship on one of those teams. I can say for sure there is a very real possibility that this could go extremely poorly, but people who are against this trade should be able to entertain the opposite. The upside is obviously real. And honestly, the trade market is a stock market from the basic sense that getting a bargain at a cheap price means the upside is easier to talk yourself into.

  7. Ok nephew, if u wish it I will call SPO.

  8. When both are Allstars this year I will bring back all trade receipts from big part of this sub

  9. I don’t want this fkn retard even for free

  10. One of the top 5 best shooter in the league and our own Heat fans talking shit on him lol Typical Heat Reddit

  11. 37% from 3 the last season says he’s not a top 5 shooter in the league.

  12. 8 FGA / game and 41% overall career says he is

  13. Buy an Harmony Logitech, no longer in business but u still can find lots of models

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