1. He's probably just wanting some distance. I don't think it's completely doomed yet. It will be if you don't start playing it cool and give him space. IDC how hard it is, do not contact him again first. If he contacts you, wait at least half a day before responding. Only respond to the question. Keep things light for awhile. Do not contact him first.

  2. Yes, it is hard to refrain from contacting him, for sure. Thanks for the advice!

  3. Yes I did. He texted me this morning and told me that the reason he didn’t respond is that his mom had a stroke on Saturday. I had texted him on Friday afternoon, so still doesn’t totally explain the first part of the delay but I’m honestly just so relieved he texted me so I’m letting it slide.

  4. Ugh why do people do this? He’s ghosting you. Why? Idk. Nothing you did seems to be worthy of ghosting. Probably things you aren’t aware of and out of your control are the reason. Just shit going on in his life. Who knows. I’ve gone crazy tryna figure out why, but usually it only makes sense to them, not to you (bc u don’t have all the information)

  5. Thanks for the feedback! Do you also suggest giving space or should I check in after 2-3 days?

  6. I’m in your position literally right now. So trust me I feel your pain. All my friends told me to not message them. Leave it in their court and be okay with the possibility that they might not ever message.

  7. Thanks for the empathy! Yeah, it’s brutal! Wishing both of us strength to endure it without caving. Thanks and best wishes to you 😊

  8. Well I’m a planner, and like to know my long term goals, so that’s why I’m trying to figure out if being a psych NP in the future will be a good fit. I know it’s a ways away though.

  9. Detachment and compartmentalizing are my strengths. They don't always have to be weaknesses. All empathy all the time is not good for you. Sometimes we have to disconnect, step back, and just be clinical.

  10. I agree, thanks for your input. Definitely have to learn the skill of being detached somehow.

  11. You’ll be fine lolol. I have mild hearing loss in my left ear (same situation as you), and have been hospitalized six times for schizoaffective disorder. It’s all on my medical exam sheet for nursing school. I’m currently in my second semester of my ADN program and just started at my dream BSN school. The BON doesn’t do physicals, they just want a clean-ish background check, your transcript, and the licensing fee

  12. I have schizoaffective disorder too and have been hospitalized countless times over the years. I’ve been stable for the last 2.5 years though, thankfully. Do you feel that you’re able to handle the stress of nursing school with your diagnosis?

  13. Absolutely! Except for one hiccup when I had to switch antipsychotics (uggggghhhhhh), the stress and my illness have actually been quite manageable. Thanks to years of therapy and building a massive arsenal of DBT skills, I feel like I was actually better prepared for the stress of school than my peers.

  14. That’s so encouraging to hear! You give me hope. Thanks for sharing 😀

  15. I don’t remember much of what they ask…I believe it’s mostly about how your disability affects your work (e.g. what accommodations you need from your employer). My first review was about a year after I got my benefits because I started earning 1100 gross a few months after getting on SSDI.

  16. I have a schizoaffective disorder too. I have earned 1100/month gross and haven't had any issues so far with receiving SSDI. I'm being reviewed right now. When you start working, it will trigger a work review. I passed mine though. I've been working on a semi skilled position (manager) for basically all of the time I've been on disability.

  17. I think you can keep it vague and just say you had health issues that led to you needing to leave your program. Once you get to know a potential partner better and have established trust, then you can go into more specifics. Discerning when to open up about your illness is challenging though and should not be taken lightly.

  18. Are you constantly doing physical labor for all 3 hours? Or why are you so tired after?

  19. I am not physically tired as much as I am mentally drained. I’m an introvert and conversing for 3 hours straight wears me out.

  20. So do you still get adequate clinicals and stuff for someone who’s not an RN? Just wondering how that works

  21. Yes I would do clinicals and have to pass the NCLEX before getting a job as an RN

  22. What?! That’s amazing. I guess I really gotta revise my shopping list.

  23. Oh dear, why does your SSDI get cut in a year? What makes you not being able to work?

  24. It’s not that my benefits will stop, but that I will stop working part time because I’m planning to move to a different city.

  25. I am really confused now. If you just had $12k worth of student loans discharged via TPD as per your post here

  26. I didn't realize I might need future loans until after I had already applied for loan forgiveness. It's not absolutely essential that I get loans, as all the programs I'm applying to will be fully funded, it just would be hard to live off of such low income while I'm in school. My game plan is to become a professor eventually (I do know how competitive academia is and how unlikely it is that this will happen but because it's a dream of mine, I feel like I need to try). My disability is my mental illness and there is a chance my condition may improve over time and that I could work full-time eventually. I don't plan to stay on disability forever. Hope that makes sense.

  27. I also received TPD Discharge and recently completed the monitoring period. I know that being too disabled to work much is difficult, but it's a fact.

  28. My situation is odd. I have schizoaffective disorder, which is kinda like a combo of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. I can go long periods of time being stable but do still occasionally hear voices and have delusions. I haven't had to be hospitalized for over 2 years. Sometimes I feel guilty because I don't feel like I'm that disabled. I work part-time and am able to do ok in my work. I recently finished my master's degree. My professors from my master's degree are mostly supportive of me getting a PhD. One of my profs actually just told me today that he'd be happy to help with my grad school applications in any way I need. So I do feel like there is a possibility that I could work full-time one day, if I practice a lot of self-care and stay on my meds. Most people who interact with me superficially would have no idea I have this condition because I'm considered high functioning.

  29. Congrats, I just applied for mine. Had to get a doc on board which they already were, because they gave me the 3 year review instead of 5. I’m quite anxious it won’t work out again.

  30. Thanks so much for your kind words and feefback! I hope you're right. Either way, I'm pretty excited to have it forgiven. The process was actually pretty easy and quick (it took about 2 months to hear back after I submitted my doctor's forms). Hopefully your loans get forgiven as well!

  31. I work part-time. It's challenging at times but my employer knows about my illness and is super understanding when I need to take time off because of an episode.

  32. If you used the pan, you should have cleaned it. Did your NF tell you to wash the dishes, or did you assume they wanted you to? Sometimes people don't do their dishes right away, and if washing dishes isn't part of your duties you don't need to do it (aside from the dishes you make).

  33. The muffins were cooling off on Friday afternoon when I left. I couldn’t have cleaned it before my shift ended on Friday afternoon.

  34. I wanted to clarify - this is not uncommon but it is not normal (should not be normal) to put up with this. This is job creep, which a lot of families are guilty of. Remember, you are a nanny. Not a housekeeper.

  35. I guess my concern is that since the boy I watch doesn’t need me to interact with him while he has a behavioral therapist, there’s not much for me to do. I’m only there 2 hours in the afternoon. Do you think it’s ok for a nanny to not do housework even if they don’t need to interact with NK?

  36. Only you can decide if this is the right path for you. I'm working part-time as a nanny while completing a Master's degree, so that's always an option for you too if you do grad school part-time. I get the stigma of being a nanny though. My parents paid for my bachelor's and I think they feel like they wasted their money since I'm not actually using my degree. But the truth is, my degree gets me higher pay as a nanny and allows me to work with better families. Don't worry about what people will think. Do what's right for you.

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