1. Our favorite midcarder keeps making kids days. Dude is made for this.

  2. Rock Lee. And if he isn’t worthy he’ll become strong enough to lift it.

  3. Cody all the way. Dude is made to be the guy and Sami just isn’t. Whoever beats Roman and ends his reign has to be guy for the next couple of years. I just can’t see Sami carrying the company like Cody could.

  4. I've never wanted to see a father whoop his son so bad before 😂

  5. Dude was a perfect heel. Loved seeing Josh kick his ass. Shame he’s not really relatable though.

  6. Get your favorite sea shanties ready boys! We’re sailing the high seas forever!

  7. We are halfway making the 4 horsemen of iconic places. We got this and the couch. Any ideas?

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