1. I feel the same way lol. I get excited when I see other wattson mains, and I ping every ult accel for them <3

  2. I play wattson a ton but I main Loba, and on the rare occasion I do get a wattson in my game, I always ping the accels. Is this a good thing or can it get to be too much?

  3. I never thought about using an arc star to count down my 1v1’s, this is a good tip!

  4. I totally read the first part as “pomegranates from land of do not eat” and it was blessed.

  5. Is this your first 1k damage milestone? If so, congrats and keep it up! That’s a big achievement, and I bet the kills will start rolling in.

  6. Is this the kind of thing that’s supposed to be temporary (per person) right? Like where the goal is to get banned as you “graduate”?

  7. Really nice timing on the slow mo! I’ve seen a lot of really bad ones that make the clip super confusing, but this was done really well. Also well done gameplay wise.

  8. I would recommend the Niandra vids and workshop others are suggesting, and a tip if it feels like it isn’t working as well as it should is to remember that crouching as close as you can to the time you guardian angel makes a successful jump much easier.

  9. These aren’t worn, they’re cybernetic implants so he can get drone footage right to his brain.

  10. I think this was supposed to show that the main team was ambushed and that the Watson had her other fences already down, placing the last one to connect the trap.

  11. The hero we deserve but needed 5 seconds earlier ♥

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