1. https://www.topdrivesrecords.com?cg=~Gyellowbird_2_germany~R7

  2. I'm not sure which ones got nerfed or not, but the Evora 400 seems to be the one that got nerfed the most. It used to be such a solid fast car, now it barely beats ultras.

  3. My hand for these finals is so mid tier. I have 3 maxed epics, that’s the Evora 400, the Exige Scura and the Exige V6 cup but have to use the yellow Expo Esprit and a Elise club racer. But they get beat by barely upgraded epics

  4. Yeah I'm in a similar position. Oh well, hopefully I can get an epic tier finish and I'll be mostly satisfied.

  5. No need, if you have any high RQ ones with traction control they beat them.

  6. All this is right with one important exception: according to the company itself,

  7. I changed it, but this doesn't feel right.

  8. Yeah it's not natural, but that's what Lotus wants, I guess.

  9. I'm at 1500 maxouts and my pile of ultras I want to upgrade eventually is larger than it's been in years

  10. Adding 600 cars in matter of months will do that. This is the first time in a while I really have to be diligent about using my ultra food. I actually enjoy it, even though it'd be nice to have a bit more breathing room.

  11. Selling rares and under is fine because you collect them from prize boards and low end packs. Selling supers is waste of resources. A single super is way more valuable than the $2500 sale price.

  12. You need to upgrade ultras. And you don't have unlimited garage space. While you should be careful with the supers you fuse, you definitely need to feed ultras.

  13. Good for only losing by to 50 to the maxed rq77 Morgan. Otherwise, it's rq80 for a reason, as a generalist not a great leggy.

  14. Yea i understand your point overall its a fucked rq system regarding the offroaders the silvia and the 924 are miles ahead but only 3rq more meanwhile the 62rq Alfa is 1sec. Slower to 0-60 but 3rq lower

  15. Having high ground clearance really raises the RQ. Medium performs really poorly on motocross (those rally cars will lose handily to high clearance rares with standard tires). Low cars will typically DNF. It has an effect on hill climb too, but not as strong. Those tracks really bring down the average performance of medium cars and raise that of high clearance.

  16. Im just hoping it will surprise me in a good way I think Rezvani will be fairly good

  17. Morgan probably won't get a lot of use, but it might occasionally be crucial. It's a pretty niche car. I'm not very excited about any of these cars tbh, though I love Stratos so I'm happy for that, even if it's not that great.

  18. Better than a shitty ultra still. I got it from the YOTR event CF today too. I'll hold onto it until YOTR is finished then it's going straight into my left food stock.

  19. Sure, nice to steal some wins, but it's also nonsense that should hopefully disappear eventually.

  20. Sorry i was just typing some extra info to go along with the picture. 2 packs back to back. I wanted to buy a 3rd but decided not to be greedy!

  21. No worries, sometimes people open all 15, which is obviously a big difference from only 2. I think you're in the neighborhood of about 0.15%-0.20% (just quick rough math). Congrats, hope you can use at least 1 in the finals, but that's it's a great car.

  22. Damn 3 in a row? Thats mad, i still only have that bentley hunaudieres 😒

  23. I've spent way too much money on this game 😅 but I've also been really lucky with some of my pulls. The Hennessey and Lancia just kind of fell into my lap, I didn't even but finals packs.

  24. Ah yea alright, over the years ive spent way more than i wanted on a game 😂 it all adds up with a 5/10 here and there. Was very close a few times but just never seem to have the right cars. Also thought i would have an easy top 3 on this lotus event. But i doubt i will get a top 3. Top 10 should be easy tho. Im not gonna get my hopes up for the m5 cs 😅 but surely having 2 leggys of the only leggy thats eligable should be enough 😒😂

  25. Well we now have no idea what the finals reqs will be. First it looked like broad Lotus (they gave away L2L, WE, and even GE Lotus in quals and prelims). But then the packs were just L2L. Hopefully whatever it is suits your garage. I'm not super hopeful.

  26. Keep. There's not really any other ultra Japanese off road dragsters.

  27. Had the top one for 150+ days, never had a chance to use it

  28. It's a pretty good low RQ 4WD car. That may not get a ton of use, but can be very handy for challenges, clubs, or saving RQ in events. If you're short on space and looking to make room it's not a must keep, but if you have space I'd keep it.

  29. 4K is brutal. And daily events are impossible after 6k due to whales 🐳

  30. That's pretty incredible. I saw it earlier today but didn't have a chance to look deeper. I might have to upgrade my subscription.

  31. I upgraded your account temporarily. Take a look!

  32. Thanks for the free trial! I'll definitely play around with it.

  33. Is there perhaps an archive with prize car release dates? If there is it’s probably the earliest that hasn’t been re-released

  34. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/0/d/12fUXsix9kDoZQqGm9KBakhclwF7njjubwZYEd5QC958/

  35. Aluminums are pretty much never worth buying unless you're stuck on a challenge that's about to expire and a rare or two is the only thing standing between you and collecting a decent prize.

  36. Just keep working on it. There's a lot of time left and there's going to be a bunch of events which award YOTR packs. You're probably not going to get the leggy, but the super and ultra are usually attainable by most if you're diligent about trying to progress. And you'll get a good chunk of cash and packs along the way.

  37. I mean I forgot to add it to my garage in 24 hours will they really help me if its kinda my own fault? I mean hell yeah I would want my C111 if they will give it? Will they?

  38. Yeah I like that idea, but people always say keep anything above super rare, why is that?

  39. Just to follow up, if that Morgan is needed to finish the L2L campaign, you might want to hold on to it until you're done or you have a replacement.

  40. Yeah probably best just to hold it isn’t it, I liked the idea of fusing into the 12c though, cheers for the help

  41. L2L campaign is over in 2 weeks and you don't need anything above rare anyway (you just need the right cars), so if you finish it or it ends I'd still fuse it.

  42. I'd be very happy if WE was still included. I pulled and built up a nice collection, and then got some awesome pulls after PL16 and 17 came out.

  43. This last finals had a mix of all 3, AC, Fiat, and Ginetta, WE, ACC, and L2L respectively (with a little OG and IR mixed in). I bet there's a ton of combinations they can make pulling from all the recent updates.

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