1. Oh thank god. Was about to be incredibly disgusted with my state. Thanks for saving me that angry google time.

  2. It's easier to think of it as them not needing to state an age, because not enough people are trying to marry children.

  3. "Women who hate men also hate them because of misogyny"

  4. Did you actually listen to the podcast? Not saying you’re wrong but it sounds like you’re just reacting to the title because the podcast discusses those points. It’s one of the better episodes of the podcast lately and worth a listen

  5. Full disclosure: I’ve never listened to the podcast ever. It’s not my preferred form of content.

  6. Cause I’m a sassy bitch who loves the drama.

  7. I don’t see what Antman 3 has to do with it.

  8. I’m sure they are. But trust me, plenty of people are willing to come here too

  9. Mostly from countries ruined by American interventionism.

  10. Her name is Hyejeong Shin so perhaps

  11. Even in my relatively small city in New Zealand there's communities of at least 30 countries. America is not unique in having immigrants.

  12. It's not often that Tom Hanks is the worst thing in a movie but it happened twice last year.

  13. It's amazing the things people will sacrifice to have a "new" car.

  14. excellent! can’t imagine buying a petrol vehicle now - might as well get a copper landline

  15. I mean this ute is 45% more expensive than even LDV's most kitted out petrol alternative. And that's even factoring in the clean car rebate. Fact is buying an EV comes at a serious up front premium, so you have to a) be a pretty high use case for the petrol savings to make up the difference and b) have the capital up front to afford it in the first place.

  16. I mean it is. Shazam 2 and Aquaman 2 are completely pointless because they won't be continued in the future of DCU.

  17. Gunn's gonna have a headache if Shazam, Aquaman and Flash make serious bank. Is he going to un-boot his rebooted universe?

  18. FYI TSB don't support Apple Pay. May not be a factor for you but it's worth knowing.

  19. Wow how do you get the cash back? I’m with westpac mastercard for hot points but it ain’t amazing more like a sweetener to get gift cards with the hot points

  20. Hot points is exceptionally bad value. Even if you stick with Westpac I'd go an Airpoints card first.

  21. If you're regularly offroading you're in the 1% OP mentioned.

  22. The marketing's not even that smart. It's just that the consumer is dumb.

  23. Weird, number of people who hunt in the USA is lower than some European countries and isn't actually thay high. Even compared to the uk, which has very few hunters, the USA is only 3.5% compared to 1.3% in the uk.

  24. They like to pretend they're all folksy cowboys, livin' on the land, but the vast majority of them live the same urban/suburban lifestyles as the average European. Just everything's scaled up for no reason.

  25. They've donated trillions of dollars of munitions to the Middle East. Rapidly.

  26. Dude my favorite thing is watching people race to red lights, or green lights that will obviously turn red by the time they arrive. My second favorite thing is rolling up to them veeeery slowly and watching them do it again, and again at the next.

  27. You're conveniently ignoring all the times the guy in front makes the green and you get stuck at the red.

  28. As an excersiphobe I have to say the idea of running as a stress reducer makes about as much sense to me as stapling my scrotum to a tree as a stress reducer.

  29. But, it's not losing stress. It's avoiding feeling stressed.

  30. It's better than most stress avoidance techniques in that it typically won't add any stress.

  31. Should probably get friends and socialise more

  32. Ignoring everything else, I love how his top bullet points are just restating the same "fact" 5 different ways.

  33. The last time I left my door open, my neighbors dog ran in, peed on my rug and then promptly left. It was an antique rug. Three years later and I still haven’t told my neighbors. They’re good people, so is there little pupperoni.

  34. Neighbour’s dog escaped their property but injured itself in the process. Started exploring my house via my open back door and left a streak of blood on the wall a foot off the ground in every room.

  35. It's like adding the outline of the player's nose on screen.

  36. The main advantage of the leadership reset is Hipkins can back away from unpopular policies, such as the TVNZ/RNZ merger or Three Waters, without being accused of backtracking.

  37. Priority #1 needs to be excising the Mahuta insurgency.

  38. How did his first comment get 76 upvotes

  39. Maybe people assumed he meant it in the sense of "it's fucked how many parents are trying to give kids stupid names that the government has to intervene"?

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