Pigs in North Korea

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  1. I’m curious how old you are, I remember the Minter years being bleak and boring. If I remember correctly you had to buy football bc tickets in order to buy basketball season tickets. Stadium was always empty and the bearcats were the definition of mediocre.

  2. 35. No one is saying he was a world winner but he made the foundation for what was to come.

  3. Naw, I edited it within 15 seconds of posting - didn’t see any replies until this morning. No one “called me out” - this is fans talking football not debating the future of America.

  4. Just because I wasn’t in college when he was there doesn’t mean I didn’t watch them or go to games with my dad there (let alone siblings and cousins who were enrolled then)

  5. Do you have good success in the evening before dark? I don’t have a thermal but am interested in trying.

  6. They’re pretty active at night but from what I’ve seen in central Ohio, you can get after them at any time. I have been kicking around getting an AGM Adder.. one day.

  7. That’s good to hear. Maybe I’ll just go give it a whirl and see what the SCAR 17 can do.

  8. I’d be a little nervous putting a thermal on the 17.. maybe okay if your running a trijicon thermal (maybe pulsar) but any of the newer options may get beat to death by it

  9. Huh. Sounds like I need another Garand now so I can do this, since I'll want to keep my Springfield '44 unadulterated, as God intended.

  10. Just an fyi, I bought this exact model with larue mount and rmr mount for 750 on here. Definitely got a deal but you may need to adjust your price a bit

  11. Really wish we could have seen how the game would play out with Mitchell involved. That targeting completely sucked the wind out of our offense.

  12. I mean you guys are 1-12 against us in the last 20 years and Ahlers has never beat UC. Maybe different, maybe not.

  13. Remember that the most active location on Reddit is a US military base. This site is being constantly pumped full of propaganda.

  14. I've never heard of em, any good? I've been wanting to replace my 18" fluted barrel

  15. Company out of Lima, Ohio (local to me). Have a great in person location but yeah they’re rebranded BA. Great prices and fast shipping.

  16. Is that a real issue at auto manufacturers or is it just a joke? I keep seeing people say this and I really can’t tell lol

  17. I was a new model project leader for Acura’s at the Marysville plant (where all TLXs are made). It’s a Honda standard to not build new model pre-production (1-2 years before MP) units on Friday’s and Monday’s when they’re not being built offline (offline builds were just stupid requiring 60-70 hour weeks 2-3 years before MP).

  18. Oh man, now im getting worried since this isn’t the only issue I’ve had with the car. The alignment is off and the seat warmers don’t work either. It’s starting to feel like I got a lemon

  19. At the end of the day it’s a Honda. As much as that company likes to think Acura is a luxury car, it’s not. It goes down the exact same line that the accords go down (assuming you have an integra but the TLX goes down line 1 all the same).

  20. Daily reminder that MAC and Copper are massive pieces of excrement.

  21. Microtech? Like the knife company? Same thing?

  22. Cinci was obviously the more talented team on the field today but holy fuck are your boys undisciplined

  23. How tf am I Georgia fan? Where did you get that assumption from?

  24. I’ve ran 124 and 147 hollow points thru my 9ct and it chews them all. About 200 of each grain both being Federal.

  25. Its just so uglyyyy and overhangs a 43x slide more than the 507k. I feel like the next version will be perfect.

  26. Sure you’re not talking about the EPS and not the EPS Carry? EPS Carry is slimmer than the regular EPS.

  27. Stock is short. This is where it sat right for me lol. Also no, am not NTCH

  28. From standing, 1x is approx. nose to stock button. Needs a smidge forward ad 6x, say nose to pic rail (approx because height). Seated may require a change, but works from standing.

  29. American copy of a Chinese copy of a Russian sub machine gun

  30. Thats awesome. Paint in good shape or is it barely on there?

  31. Some better than others. One has some funky stuff melted on it but I don’t really care. More character and they all work.

  32. Oh wow, thats interesting. Wonder if they were doing jungle mags? That paint job really good for the first link

  33. Yeah I mean they’re all green or baby poop blends. Obviously other than the one with the stuff melted on. Although it is green underneath

  34. Yep, I was so stoked to have a pocket pistol with this much firepower, but after it broke twice I decided I couldn’t count on it, and am getting a Glock 43 with the Z9 magazines. A little less capacity, a little bigger, but it plays the same role.

  35. Yeah I’ll go that direction with a 43 or a lcp 2 if this one doesn’t pan out.

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