1. Oh what I'd give for just one kiss 😍

  2. It's ok you don't need scales, you just have to double half of the total weight

  3. Surely Netflix is up there. When I'm not watching the latest tv shows on whatever platform, my back up is always Netflix, it has most of the classics on it.

  4. I'm curious as to why people choose to use Netflix over a "pirate" website

  5. Dodgy Firesticks are the new piracy rather than downloading stuff.

  6. I've heard about fire sticks.you know, im gonna research them, and ah yeah torrents I remember those, it was like a Lucky dip, movie or trojan, most of the time it was both lmao

  7. There's not mushroom on that log for many more

  8. If I had to eyeball it, I would divide it as equally possible into 4 piles and eat half of one of the piles, then more if I felt comfortable

  9. How do you dodge melee attacks? I am only able to parry them, but in these kind of videos I often see folks completly dodging incoming attacks with a small jump away from it

  10. The entire time I was pushing away from him and mashing buttons, I think it was either b or x that was the dodge but it wasn't doing it every time, just keep moving away I think

  11. It's surprisingly effective, I picked up valhiem the other day and it works there too, the fence being a fallen tree and the enemy being a troll, they just freeze for a sec then walk around the other way when you jump

  12. My S series doesn't have this, is it x series exclusive?

  13. I grew up playing RuneScape and at school it was considered nerdy uncool and a waste of time, let alone a gf for 10k... my friendship group would almost be embarrassed talking about Infront of anyone else it was almost taboo, I began to hide it too but one day I thought; you know what fuckit, I can't stand football, it's so boring but most other people here enjoy it, why should it be any different for me because I like to bank stand and chop a virtual tree all day?

  14. Look at passive income methods and stack them up

  15. I need to rewatch this show. It’s one my all time favorites.

  16. Has there been any updates on this?

  17. So I just managed to get a refund on the game, as a gesture of goodwill apparently. Just to be clear they do have the ability to refund you whilst on the phone to them.

  18. I tried my game again today and it worked! They must have sorted the problem, good job people at Xbox for fixing the problem! Thank you!

  19. I see thank you very much for letting me know, ugh I hate long ass phone calls on hold lol

  20. Was looking through my old captures and found this lol

  21. Happy cake day! Im glad you like it 🙂

  22. No one has a spare fag anymore because of COVID

  23. Hi, sounds like the issue i posted about here ->

  24. Exactly that thank you! Hopefully it's sorted soon

  25. Tresiba, I used to be on lantus too but have found once you get past the initial variances, tresiba works a lot better, I rarely go above 10 nowadays, it's more forgiving for missed doses they told me as well

  26. world leaders or literally anything with lots of influence, just look at what they all did to all those people

  27. I don't mind it when it fights, but when it decides to become indefinitely invulnerable and basically just spams rock and stone (rock and stone to the bone) and wanders back and forth, while we all wait for the trigger to give it hp again can get a little annoying

  28. Why? In medieval times some archers deliberately dipped the arrowheads in shit and stuff so that the wound starts festering in case the shot wasn't lethal... Would be quite the realistic gameplay if you ask me 🤔

  29. Man... I buy 100 of each, sounds like this shit will do the trick

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