WSB logic; debt is an asset.

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  1. Yes I love doubles, triples, and x4s and sheets. Its the odd ones that make it difficult to place in an album that I prefer not.

  2. Hey, I’m in DC too! Do you have any stamp friends here?

  3. No friends in DC on stamps, jjust started looking at my old collection after retiring. Yeah i'm a grandpaw type of person.

  4. Wow I had not heard of Edristan before. Thank you for sharing.

  5. It's also winter when the boxes of stuff to sort are coming out. ;)

  6. So true Ive been taking them out every december then putting them back. Now I have the time to work on them, they need lots of organizing, they are a mess

  7. Welcome:) i also love appreciating stamps:)

  8. That is neat. Looks like in great condition too.

  9. embossed stamps usually on envelopes, these were cut out from the original letter asset for preservation, yes these are considered stamps

  10. That is interesting. Now, if Apple unit sales reduce, they still do have enough capabilities to make an offer to $MSFT in which case that would require some type of congressional oversight due to how heavily Microsoft is vetted and used by the Feds and DOD.

  11. You mean holding ? I am hoping to enter a position, and looking for a discussion around this to help me decide on purchasing $MSFT shares.

  12. If cypto along the chain has been used as leverage for fiat based funding into SPACs, then there is a SPAC liquidation crisis looming ahead as those initial offering lenders pull out.

  13. All SPACs with large initial holders starting around the time ETX began. "Chain" refers to the leverage jumps from token to token at some point endingin in bitcoin and then fiat as an example.

  14. All from google searches, so public domain।

  15. OMG - I have Fidelity also. I gotta try this out. I haven't been through every single comment here, but I almost want to ASSUME this works. Welp ! How can I link you on a discussion thread in t WIT -ter ? Or you can link to me using the same username I have here. ?

  16. Lol loved that. Also, sounded like capt sparrow the pirate as I read it in me head aye !

  17. Technically, shareholders already, earlier in the year, pre-approved the last split ANY time before the expiration. Secondly, 89% while being non-defensible, of retail ownership will not a majority make. I would love to hear if a BO, and if so, I think it would be a telecom. Have a great weekend friend. Everyone, I will follow u back on twit-ter-down-lo as rajkgulati as well.

  18. Yes debt can be an asset depending on what collaterizes it.

  19. Yes, Ottoman Empire later Turkey, Duloz stamp issues, see

  20. I've been following Ra Ra on YouTube, any thoughts about his content on MULN ?

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