1. Yeah I've seen all the stats and I've really tried getting the gun to work for me but it's a case of what looks good on paper isn't good when I actually play the game with this gun.

  2. for real, i genuinely feel more confident using the ak w the 5.45 rounds in most situations

  3. Yeah Im sure those 5.45 rounds are just as good in terms of ttk and more accurate too.

  4. that's a nice build... i keep changing mine depending on the map im playing 5mw laser-short barrel-skeletal stock-stippled grip-5.45 compensator-commando--skeletal stock-stipled-5.45 rpk barrel-commando-stipled-5.45-skeletal stock mind u the ak can get a 2 shot kill if 1 bullet hits the head in range... and is a 2 shot kill w stopping power as well at 700(?) rpm

  5. jheeez, u play hc or something? can never get the famas to work too well for me in core

  6. Yes, HC almost always. Lol. You get 30 hp in hardcore and the FAMAS does 40 tho Abby party of the body. 1 hit always. 👍

  7. aah makes sense it's a night and day difference in hc vs core w the famas, it's the only gun ive grinded out entirely in hc... id actually go as far as to say it's the best ar in hc after the ak ngl

  8. Oh sweet Jesus not this again. Cooper and Wellgun dont need Nerfs. I dont think the Bar does either. And if they have not nerfed them yet what makes you think they ever will? But keep beating that dead horse.

  9. ytf does the welgun need a nerf?🤣🤣🤣

  10. Didnt they already nerf it a bit a few patches ago? Fairly certain they did

  11. they didn't 'nerf' it... they just fixed an attachment which shouldn't have been working the way it did

  12. The amount of aim assist on that first kill lol

  13. fr, the svt and kar have crazy aa on controller for whatever reason😅

  14. That's a large af kill zone I remember someone ranting about how marksmen rifles don't have a 1 shot kill like most sniper rifles. I laid off the M1 Garand for awhile now the recoil is insane to me still a 2 shot kill though

  15. they've significantly reduced the recoil on the m1 now, plus w the ironsides(?) barrel it's vvv accurate

  16. if u know the maps in transmit, it's the best mode to finish 10 rapid kills solo... i usually have mine done by round 2 if i get a decent map/route

  17. whitley, available for free in the battle pass

  18. Yet there's always 3/4 of the comunity using it claiming how good they are at the game, ruining match for everybody, classic.

  19. im not the best, ill admit, but ive maxed out all the other weapons, and this was the one remaining

  20. Cooper Carbine, because holy shit yeah that nerf is coming. It's far too good.

  21. Either range, ROF, overall damage, recoil, or a mix of any 2

  22. any nerfs to it would make it a bottom tier ar just like that, fully maxed out, it's in line with other ARs... the only and biggest problem i see with it is that u unlock the best attachments for it REALLY early and get all attachments by level 60 itself... the other 10 levels of the grind's to unlock camo challenges

  23. Before m&k I never used aim assist on controller because it was a hassle and made my movement/aiming feel unnatural. Why’s it so popular now?

  24. so most controller players can keep up w kbam players

  25. 6v6 face off from cold war would be cool in this game

  26. although the cooper kills a little quicker(not by much), i still feel like volk is the best ar in the game, fully maxed out... it's handling is just superior imo

  27. I agree, plus the gung ho perk fits my running and gunning play style so well

  28. the visibility w the drum mags keep it in check tho😂

  29. exactly, that combined w the russian .30 makes it the ultimate smg-ar hybrid

  30. best method i can tell u is to do it w a friend or w multiple people, most challenges are doable solo except for the rapid kills

  31. ill take vanguard's screen shake over mw anyday, as for dust effects...

  32. I was thinking it was because the ADS on the AS44 is faster than all the other AR's, but it's actually not (my brain was a little foggy last night).

  33. definitely melts when u hit all the bullets, the ttk on it is really good, but i just can't get around the slow ads, gets really hard to rush... could u give me a good class for it?

  34. I've just being trying to mitigate recoil without hurting the gun too much. I'm not at home and I can't find a site with all the attachments. I think if you run that as a baseline idea of trying to reduce the overall recoil, you'll notice a significant difference.

  35. i get the recoil reduction part of it, i don't understand why the gun should have such a huge ads penalty with the 615mm barrel is all

  36. hate the sprint to fire time on it... otherwise it's as if the m4 and the m13 had a kid

  37. Ive noticed small changes to cay perico setup and the heist itself. This one feels like a bug but i think im wrong lol. Also no more synchronizing key cards, you simply swipe whenever to unlock the doors in the compound. No more boats spawn near the compound unless youre actively being attacked i think. The compound seems to have trouble loading now in the water near the drainage tunnel and has a huge area of lag before you get there. I havent noticed much else because i always play the same way but im sure theres more

  38. you also can't send your kosatka into storage while doing a setup now

  39. i'd love to join the crew but have no idea how to... im an xbox player btw

  40. Gonna buy a hangar and a facility this week, what ones are the best to get?

  41. lago zancudo facility, any hangar in fort zancudo

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