1. live resin gonna be good, their Distillate is otherwise just like everyone else's but my gf likes them so I usually grab them over other cheaper options, some people just like the style of the battery too πŸ›΄

  2. people so excited to exercise this rule it's weird, no u can't combust but all of us do anyways πŸ‘ happy medicine bro

  3. Happy it helped your back pain, I'd stay clear from botanist. Many other solutions worth your money.

  4. Totally fair question πŸ™ it is my dream in life to get paid to review weed from all over the world! However, I'm currently in Ohio where those dreams aren't as easy to reach. I figured while we all hold out for Rec, I could start practicing so I have some stuff to show people ☺️

  5. Is the weed fake? πŸ˜“ Yes. It's made out of frosting πŸ˜‹

  6. yo relax lol, talking about the review. Anyway just about every review of botanist bud has mentioned tastless flower, low terps, and minimal effects. Questioning the authenticity of your review is all. Aye if you can get it off to botanist flower props to u. Didn't mean to bring that out of u friend, love and light tho homie. Fake review have been a concern for brands struggling in the past, don't see why can't still happen ya know?

  7. Big head by klutch, motorbreath by klutch, kings mustache by buckeye relief, do si dos by buckeye relief, blueberry cookies by galenas

  8. damn that's crazy kings mustache might be the weakest I've had but usually it takes a bit for me lol

  9. Strains do affect people differently, but id put my money on it being a not so great batch.

  10. fair I'd love to like buckeye I'll give it another go

  11. What happened to the guy who bought the at home testing kit and was testing different strains? He get the JFK treatment by the state or what?

  12. dang they might be out I got it today at 7:40, it was listed on the online menu, didn't see it on the pdf menu actually

  13. u don't have to squeeze too hard if u find the spot toward bottom and squeeze then pull, I feel like using tools would create more stress no?

  14. These arent like the ones from everyone else. The squeezing only seems to encourage them. I am a grown ass man lol my dad was laughing because I couldnt open it, then he couldnt either. Theyre poorly designed and damn difficult to open. But its so worth it. I got gmo cookies for 27.60 i did eventually get it open btw lol but od have to say it probably required more force than any container ive opened before.

  15. glad u could clarify had no idea with this title lol

  16. It looked this way straight out of the packaging. New to legal medicine, forgive my ignorance, does it change or lessen the efficacy? Is it safe to use? Thank you.

  17. Definitely not worth the $48 woulda never gotten it if it wasn’t on sale for $30

  18. Can anyone explain to me what the big deal is about bontanical terps? Does it like, affect the high or something? I’ve seen people complain about it being like a taste of artificial flavor but I really think that’s personal preference.

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