1. Wow nice! What lights are you using?

  2. Right on time to daily scroll on a screen

  3. Potevi essere solo infp o intp infatti. Dove sei ubicato?

  4. Why did you take a pic of the lunch I forgot about from 2005?

  5. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/16aZjCEuV4yhzH4Lf3h32C?si=-jYv09AbQvegZWmQ6LtZzw

  6. No bruh, the best I got from NTs is being mature and knowing how to politely and kindly deal with others. Empathy on the other hand makes you care more than only that.

  7. What if he's just trying to kill himself but failing repeatedly?

  8. You're probably watching the LRV videos?

  9. Hey. This is how I would describe Ego Death from my experience.

  10. You can get a gist of it through psychedelics.

  11. The only useful thing is creatine. But it's not necessarily to be taken pre workout.

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