1. Genuinely fucking disgusting, that child belongs in a coal mine not a fast food restaurant. Have we learned nothing from Minecraft

  2. I'd put money on the last part. One or more are cops. Guy in the black t-shirt has cop written all over him.

  3. i came here to say the same thing. 20 bucks says the attacker is a cop.

  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSnHuw4HeJg

  5. I'd just like to make a really exhaustive list of all the Terps and their described smell/taste and effects different user groups feel

  6. i have a fat spreadsheet that i would share with you if you'd like. send me a dm

  7. You’re better off looking into microfiltration to clean out the resin, rather than distillation.

  8. im wondering how soluble the uv resin is and whether or not you could knock it out of solution by sticking it in the freezer.

  9. That’s awesome! I’m waiting to get my hands on some problem child, my disps have only carried it in the disposable rig & I’m reluctant to buy after hearing about them clogging

  10. only the ancient roots one clogs. rosin carts hit different than bho carts

  11. gotta wait til the doors are all the way open and like just about to close to jump on.

  12. While I don't think anyone should ever be locked up for what they put into their own bodies, your comment is not true. Most 1st time drug offenders won't even serve a year.

  13. most 1st time drug offenders didnt commit vehicular manslaughter.

  14. I have no credible expertise but just going off my gut reaction he looks like a mix between a french bulldog and maybe a belgian malinois or a german shepherd.

  15. Wait.. wait.. does this mean we are going to see this as flower? How is that possible? Someone climb through some mountain jungle and find it again? 😁😁

  16. a lot of the time these "classic" strains are curated blends of cannabis derived terpenes or other botannical terpenes. might not be from an actual panama red but its got generally the same terpene profile.

  17. distillation doesnt technically require any solvent. just already extracted oil.

  18. looks like some oxidation caused by heat and exposure to air either during cooldown after distillation, or when the oil was heated up to dose into this small jar.

  19. Would metal leach? I know some terps are strong solvents themselves, but never thought about what would happen if they were in metal. Although I feel like stainless steel would probably be alright, but idk never looked into it.

  20. if its aluminum possibly a whole bunch of nasty crap

  21. yeah in the army infantry has the lowest score requirements but the highest overall scores when compared to any other job.

  22. Not being confrontational, but legitimately curious. Are a lot of people gung ho to be infantry? I had a friend tell me their son's friend wanted to fight so he joined the army and signed up for infantry. And I was like, wtf? Everybody I ever knew who liked to fight joined the Marines. So why would a smart person in the army want to join the infantry? I mean, I think I'm pretty smart. And sometimes I can accept a fight that comes my way. But I think I "get" people who enjoy a good fight and are willing to risk it all for something they believe in or even just want a thrill. I can respect that. But why would I join the army for that? Is it that they feel like they could be outstanding in Army whereas they fear they may be below average as a Marine?

  23. Nah you and your siblings are messing around and you "accidentally" break a chair on their face and then suddenly realise you're about to face a world of hurt when it becomes clear you damaged the younger (and therefore more beloved) one so you quickly allow them a free face punch in the hopes you'll be able to pass your initial assault off as retaliatory.

  24. sisters will take you up on the free shot. little brothers are snitches to their core lol

  25. trying to re-veg a flowering plant is hard enough, but trying to root and re-veg a cutting.... good luck bro

  26. ice in the top glass and put the bottom glass in warm water?

  27. only one shoe came off so...... half dead?

  28. I’m just curious. Are any of you concerned with residual solvents like Butane not being fully purged from these products? Just looking for honest feedback.

  29. The state of Ohio requires testing on all solids and oils for vaporization prior to sale. anything with butane over 5000 PPM or 0.5% of the sample is a fail and the entire batch must be destroyed. it cannot be legally sold.

  30. My buddies have told me lots of stories about the military group punishing and the shame afterwords from other service members fixes the issue.

  31. they called the whole company in to watch me crawl through the snow for 3 hours on a sunday morning because i blew a .019 (less than 25% of the legal limit) on a breathalyzer but i was 19.

  32. Charges aren't severe enough for Levenworth. Will be held in some random larger brig. Maybe SC considering his station.

  33. probably wont even be held at a detention facility, his unit will just assign an NCO to babysit him and never let him go home.

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