1. I guess my most annoying opinion is that I hate unnecessary subtitles and hate that they’ve become the default for so many people. Cinematographers and editors try to focus your eye on a certain part of the frame. Having subtitles on constantly feels, to me, a lot like when Netflix talked about letting you speed up movies to watch at like 1.5x speed or whatever. Just another step toward flattening art into content and consuming it as efficiently as possible regardless of the artist’s intent.

  2. I find it so distracting. When I saw Stars At Noon in the cinema the English parts had subtitles too and I think it really hurt my enjoyment of the film

  3. I couldn't imagine a worse way of handling this situation then inviting Susser on to awkwardly recap moments from the (much more interesting) original episode. I would seriously rather listen to the 4-way overlapping conversations. The worst part of the fight is that it robbed us of another appearance from the great Eva Anderson.

  4. Yeah I really want to hear it now. I think we all get that the fight and make up, especially now that it was a couple months ago.

  5. I wish actors wouldn’t get such giant veneers, always makes them sound weird

  6. If theyre wrapping up Maynk does that mean we arent getting Jünk? 😞

  7. It’s such a Doughboys bit that they’d call it Maynk and then not cover Mank.

  8. That’s the one. The slow speed takes a while but I’ve never had any issues

  9. This whole idea of "Fincher actually makes them look bad, even though some idiots get the wrong message" ignores the fact that people tend to like the main character of a very good movie. Zuckerberg might not like it, but the movie portrays him as more sympathetic and human than who he actually is.

  10. Yeah you kind of have to stand outside the film to get how he views the characters. Like the “you have the minimum amount of attention” scene, it’s great while you’re watching it but then you think about it for a second and he’s talking about Facebook, like calm down Mark your not curing cancer

  11. Timberlake sucks in this, I’m always amazed when people like his performances

  12. I love that they just call him Victor Newman in the commentary. Murdering anthropomorphic apes is way up his alley

  13. Why has he been inside for four years? Is he okay? Everyone needs help sometimes....

  14. I wonder if there’s a reason someone might not have gone outside much in the last few years…

  15. I was surprised how much Gourley disliked it. I think the new Screams have been excellent, and I really like the newbs (core 4).

  16. I aligned with Gourley on this one, I’ve been shocked by all the positive reactions since it came out. I think a lot of it is my dislike of Chad and Sam, just performances I’m not gelling with.

  17. Does anyone know the time the videos drop on Patreon if they have video that week? Im currently putting off listening because I listened to Aliens 3 then the video dropped, not a problem but I like the videos and I realize the double sometimes does or doesnt have video

  18. Of all the industries that need to strike for better conditions and better pay, you "writers" don't even make the list. Go back to work.

  19. I think everybody in the WGA would agree with you that more industries need to strike.

  20. I’d rather stab my eyes out with dull spoons. Most overrated trash series out there

  21. Fast Five is the best action movie of the last 20 years.

  22. There’s 5 eps this month so Alien 3, Zodiac is confirmed (Nick’s fav), I’m assuming Mank, maybe whatever Mitch’s fav is, and the Discord is voting on one as well

  23. Sometimes these scenes on the show irritate me a bit. The other characters just immediately go to the most defensive stance for the sake of comedy. Usually they’re still funny but sometimes feel a bit unrealistic or something.

  24. I heard Jack’s got dementia and is staying as much as possible at his home.

  25. Literally all of those are sourced from Radar Online. Did you read them?

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