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  1. Just a mom kissing her son ........ with tongue

  2. Yeah really 9th east and what lol 9th is a long street.

  3. Little tip, do each limb’s stickers or decals after you finish the section. Don’t save them until the end!

  4. Better tip throw away those decals and buy waterslides.

  5. Mg 3.0 RX-78-2 and the Banshee Ver.Ka. they're both just hand grenades and so is the Astray Blue Frame D.

  6. The Banshee Ver.Ka was no fun to build.

  7. Tree supports are not your friend they suck.

  8. Start learning a slicing software like Chitubox or Lychee.

  9. That head peaking over the top of a hill would scare the shit out of me

  10. This kit has a mega loose waist joint. What I did to fix mine is rough up the peg with my hobby knife to give it more to grab onto. You can also put a thin coat of super glue on the peg and wait for it to dry before attaching it to the torso; the objective really is to just get more points on contact for it to grip onto.

  11. I feel like the Wing ver.ka is a very underappreciated kit it's one of my favorites super solid kit.

  12. I could totally see this being around in the IBO universe during the Calamity War. Great job looks amazing.

  13. Thats a flame point they have zero brains trust me I have one

  14. Double turbo is good to use with hyper potion in Duraludon

  15. I don't know how to say this but I think your dad is in a cult

  16. I would but do whatever the fuck you want it's your build

  17. We've been trying to contact you about your cars extended warranty!

  18. Who sells waterslides for the HG?

  19. You can use any waterslides you want on any kit. Also lots of companies sell HG decals Depli Decal, SIMP, G-Rework, ect...

  20. Thank you damn I really need to restart the whole process huh.

  21. I gloss coat then decal before panel lining so they water doesnt smudge any of the lines then panel line followed by top coat. The first coat helps the water slide decals grip and protects the bare plastic from the corrosive panel liner.

  22. You are using a skin. Ex abilities are linked to the skin (if one is used) instead of the equiped parts.

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