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  1. I miss the old days of just blowing the cartridge in a fucking works yes my phone does not understand English

  2. Lol I miss when the tv would go out and mother would straight walk up to it, slap the Pisa out of it and it would immediately start working. No more snow! She’d say. Haha.

  3. Ahaha yes. Lol. We had one of them too for us kids. Mine was pink and isotopes baseball. Haha.

  4. I exclusively use Anker cables and they’ve never failed me. well worth the money.

  5. Ah yes the rare and elusive grass eating snapping turtle 😂

  6. I just had to pop it and say I did notice my boyfriends name is also Fritz and poracita. Them snappers need help

  7. You are very pretty. :) acne doesn’t define you. I have it but my boyfriend doesn’t. (Makes me a little jealous) but he still loves me just as we love and support you. What matters is your heart. ;)

  8. This happened to me with booking.com twice on one trip when traveling overseas. I usually don't use booking engines but made an exception and ended up sleeping in my car one night for it.

  9. I've strayed even further from the answer... 🥲

  10. Bro it’s catdogs long lost sibling. Problem solved.

  11. Any ideas on where to get CB tiger salamanders. I've only seen wild caught for sale online

  12. Take a trip to Vacaville or Fresno during the rainy season. You’ll find one. Haha. Otherwise you can occasionally find breeders willing to ship. Been a long ass time since I I got my current one. If you’re lucky you might be able to find some at a local bait shop. That sells live bait. If you get them as waterdog/mud-puppies you just have to leave them in an aquarium until they fully develop from they’re larval state. We used to get a pool and fill it with a few large rocks in the middle so when they were ready they could climb up on land to develop their lungs. I know the one that I got for my little brother was at a bait shop. I don’t agree with the cruelty surrounding using them for bait but makes it easier for me to get my hands on them.

  13. No problem with what you did as a kid cause it was probably fine and legal back then but you can no longer collect California tiger salamanders from those locations, they are protected under the endangered species act and it’s now illegal to collect them. It would be nice if the populations were healthy enough that they could be collected but it’s not the case anymore. Also those bait salamanders are western barred tiger salamanders and those have also been released in California and now out-compete native California tiger salamanders in parts of their range

  14. Yeah now. Lol. Not 25 years ago. Lol. And I know. :P

  15. Shit is like 6 bucks! That's a steal. Where's his mom live? I'm trick or treating year. 😏

  16. The best thing trick or treating at college for beer according to my boyfriend lol. Get home with like 20 beers each. Set for a week. 😅

  17. How’s it going? We are currently in the EXACT same situation. Ughhhhh

  18. Haha. I’m glad I’m not alone. Fuckin ringworm dude. And other than being severely itchy… I’m great! You?

  19. Same. GI Joes, Ninja Turtles and Silver Hawks. They had some epic battles

  20. 90s here with a mother born in the late 70s. Same Shit. Lol. I was all about my sandbox. Hands down. My fav however…. was my sisters headless ken doll against the GI Joes. Ken always won. I thought it was hilarious.

  21. Plus you know there's always someone at the desk.

  22. I remember those days! 2016-2018 I used airBNB multiple times a year and BNB owners have saved my ass many times. Now they're often more expensive than actual hotels but without any of the service. And destroying the housing market on top of that.

  23. No joke there we used Airbnb the entire time we were in Alaska. At the time it was a foreign concept. After that we used them anytime we went out. Now we’ve been forced to use hotels which I hate. :/

  24. We have a lot of these in my family. The only one I can remember right now is gusting for disgusting based on my brother's pronunciation when he was about 3 or 4

  25. My mother always said stink pretty. I unfortunately can’t ask why now but it was always a thing.

  26. i’ve needed to get mine taken out for 6 years now, how bad does it hurt😭 that’s the main reason i haven’t done it

  27. It’s only shitty for a couple days. It’s not too bad. But the first day is good enough cause you’re high as fuck. But if they are not cause problems you don’t really need them removed. ;) just brush real good and floss often.

  28. that’s what i’ve been doing, trying to not have them cause any problems, they told me i need to get em removed about 6 years ago and handed me a estimate of 5,600$ like yeah if i’m a billionaire one day maybe i’ll consider it

  29. Yeah there’s no need unless they’re causing problems. My grandfather was a pharmacist, mother a nurse and uncle a dentist. I had mine remove cause they actively hurt cause obviously you shouldn’t have six. I’d absolutely wait. And if you have medical insurance through the state (USA) or can get it they’ll cover it. Also there are dental programs all over the world that charge basically nothing. Brother had it done in Mexico lol. He was high the whole way home. Just had a follow up with his dentist here lol

  30. Legit! 😂🤣 reminds me of that time I started a fight then got punched in the nose and ran to the front office crying in like 3rd grade.

  31. Lol I will but my thoughts were legit “Lol that car was like screw this. I ain’t gettin involved”

  32. When my daughter was little, she used to call the cartoon character "Bugs Rabbit."

  33. That’s okay I still accidentally say spisgetti occasionally

  34. I just want to know the context. Is it their piss? A siblings? A roommate? Was it a tenant who dipped? I need to know. Lol

  35. Better than nothing. Still sucks though. You’ll get there just keep working your way up. :)

  36. Tbh thank you for this. I know you work hard but if I’m calling an Uber 9 times out of 10 I’m really desperate and missed a bus or something and panicking. So just. Thank you

  37. I’m an Uber Lyft grubhub doordash driver and I own my own catering business. The guy that responded I agree with him. Like if I’m on clock for an hour however… And it’s real real slow I’ll stop by somewhere. But it’s quite rare as I’m a pescatarian and usually pack my lunch cause there simply aren’t many options. Look y’all are our top priority. I’m sorry you had to deal with a shitty person. You’re loved, cherished and most of us really do our best to make sure you’re taken care of.

  38. That’s so cute! My boyfriend is from Oconomowoc. I wonder if they did it there. Haha. Though I know his school was like an hour from there. I’ll have to ask him. :) wasn’t that long ago that he was in high school.

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