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  1. Sitting room. They look great in the dining room as well, but perhaps a single piece in a different shape / orientation or something like a mirror would better suit the dining room space.

  2. Vanity yes, but not entirely exclusivity in this case. I think you're right in your other comment about Kendall being desparate to be fashionable - which is to say, to have the same things other people have - and to a lesser extent that's true of the others too. [Logan may act like he's above such things, but at times he's clearly aping the tastes of British aristocracy like Caroline's relatives.]

  3. I still think it’s exclusivity but deliberately at arm’s reach. Mainstream enough that other people would recognize an item, but so expensive that those people wouldn’t necessarily have access to the same thing. Going totally custom & unbranded for all his clothes wouldn’t suit Kendall’s need for observers to know that he’s wearing Cool Things. He wants you to know he has THE jacket. But he doesn’t want you to have the jacket hanging in your closet, too.

  4. I think he wants SOME people to have the jacket (or something similar) in their closets. Just not... everyone. Which I guess is sort of exclusivity, yes, come to think of it.

  5. Totally see that. It's definitely a signal for the in-crowd.

  6. Just one piece, a cropped Brandy Melville varsity style cardigan I saw her wear for Rep rehearsals. Snagged it off the site right before it sold out.

  7. Ralph Lauren Purple Label “Wrexham”

  8. this screenshot makes it canon that season one Tom shops at Ledbury which checks out aesthetic-wise

  9. Can you explain to me more I don't know fashion? is Ledbury too low cost for the Roys? I went and looked at it and its expensive but if you buy them in bulk they give you huge discounts and it looks like you can get 3 dress shirts for $150 which is actually not bad. It seemed like I looked up one of Kendalls shirts one time and it was $600.

  10. Yes and no. In the “real world” someone of Tom’s wealth probably gets most of his clothes somewhere more expensive, although they may also indeed prefer unflashy office clothes. For instance, Shiv wears accessible brands like Club Monaco and Theory early in the show when she is transitioning away from DC — seems like she was dressing to match convention there, before redoing her wardrobe. I could see Tom being the same way, particularly in S1. (And Tom is not married into the family for most of the season, so at this point presumably he is shopping for himself on a non-Roy budget)

  11. Hey, do you know what brand of jeans Kendall wears? Are they Tom Ford?

  12. I've never been able to ID a specific pair, but based on what other casual clothing he's worn over the seasons, my best guesses are Tom Ford, Margiela, and Paul Stuart.

  13. I definitely see that, for some reason got the Tom Ford vibe on them but wasn't sure if anyone knew. They don't really look like Loro's or Brunello's jean options, surprising for him!

  14. I agree, def not a Loro or Cucinelli look - casual Kendall is pretty modern

  15. the “let me give you a couple of tips here” boils my blood. it’s not only condescending AF, he…didn’t even follow it up with what even constitutes a tip lol

  16. I’m ordering the Mr P coat that’s similar to Romans but any idea on the actual one he’s wearing?

  17. Unfortunately not - if I have a confident ID of an actual, I always share it in lieu of a dupe/similar! A lot of Roman’s clothes are so understated that an actual ID is nearly impossible ):

  18. Doing the whole verified fan thing really killed LWYMMD for me. I never listened to it after that, too many video replays in too short a time

  19. She moves around so much I also wonder if the cats travel with her from house to house? I had an awful experience moving my cats cross country, but I imagine her cats are used to the private jet life.

  20. I think they do! They even go with her on tour I think, I recall footage of them jetting between shows and hanging out with her in green rooms for Rep and TV appearances

  21. Left works better IMO! The long cardigan is cute but I think it's a lot of fabric for a petite frame and is a little overwhelming - result is it lacks the visual punch of the shorter & more fitted blazer.

  22. He looks fantastic and can wear the fuck out of a suit

  23. This is so great. Well balanced with texture and color, natural wood tones, full of personality and interesting to look at. I’m esp into the two very different yet mutually complementary couches, and the effect of the gallery wall with the furniture in front of it

  24. I’m still trying to find something to fill the blank spot on the wall under the banner but very happy with the wall

  25. What about a vertically oriented vintage map of a place meaningful to you? I think it could fit in with the vibe and palette, and also be the right orientation/size

  26. she slayed, ate and left nothing on the plate. also ended andrew tate

  27. I think she just looks like an elevated version of her younger self. For the most part her fillers & Botox are pretty restrained and tastefully done

  28. Very well done, the difference is night and day. Love the style - it reminds me of some Dzojchen designs

  29. Right, looks like she used it to modify her ogee curve pretty dramatically. It used to be a flatter line near the eye, then a curve out at the lower cheek. She’s basically flipped the old shape upside down

  30. I think either D fam or underweight FN somewhere between the Kate Middleton and Anne Hathaway types

  31. Seeing so many people call Taylor Swift a pinchy ratface from 2006-2010 really fucked me up as a kid. She had hooded eyes like my whole family and it made me feel like shit that even a celebrity of clearly above-average attractiveness like her would get so much hate for eyes that looked like mine

  32. Kendall really looks…so unremarkable and uninteresting among the rest. Just…no presence

  33. IA re: Pinterest. In my exp it’s largely moodboards inspired by books/music, wedding planning, and clothes shopping lists. I go there to decompress sometimes

  34. I’ve never known secondhand embarrassment this strong

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