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AITA for asking my son and his STBW to pay to spend their honeymoon in my winter cabin?

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  1. Arent these those akhal-teke foals with a genetic mutation? I think they die within three years or something and have a slew of health issues until then.

  2. Are there schools that doesn't? How is it legal for schools to police..oh you're american maybe? Sorry.

  3. Not all schools here in the UK. Same when it comes to inappropriate hair cuts etc.. Pretty easy to police in that the child usually get suspended for going against school rules. Nail varnish might just be a telling off for the child and parents but again it depends on the school. Secondary schools are usually stricter than primary schools on appearance and schools in areas of higher wealth are stricter too. Uniform is the norm here anyway so the rest of the appearance just kind of comes under that

  4. Huh. Meanwhile my kids' class had "nail polish day" just last week. They had a blast painting everyone's nails. One of the boys had learned how to make a lightning bolt (sorta.if you squint) and it is now a trend in that school.

  5. I know who Malcom X is but thanks for the recap.

  6. I guess we disagree on the proper time place for gun safety lectures. Imo, this photo, with the modern day america backdrop, not just ain't it, it deflects a very important public conversation by focusing on something that in this context, is enormously irrelevant. But we won't agree on this it seems. Wishing you and your country all the best.

  7. No, we don't disagree on that either:

  8. I give up, lol. The level of not realising what you literally just did is baffling.

  9. Greetings from Europe! This is extra funny to me because every time i go to see my parens I drive past the building where the people famous for that arm gesture tortured my grandfather for not agreeing with them. Yay freedom!

  10. They are not "protesters", they are protesters. Also, did you not see the Iranian team refusing to sing the national anthem in deference to the fight of women in Iran (no point of prostesting qatar for the hijab thing since there are no restrictions on women's headwear there). In addition, have you not seen people all over the world boycotting Qatar? There is a reason they had to hire "fans" to come to the stadiums. Just because you don't follow the news doesn't mean they're not out there. This whole championship is a gigantic, massive fail on so many levels it's ridiculous, and it's all anyone have talked about for months.

  11. A bunch of people wearing clothes they grew out of years ago repeatedly destroys New York City and are mad when people ask them to obey laws.

  12. That knocking feature is way to slow. It's going to get extremely annoying.

  13. Speedo guy gets my vote because he kinda looks like edwardian Ryan Gosling and also because he's showing the most skin. Pity votes to the guy who didn't remove his stockings and the one who couldn't grow a fancy mustache no matter how hard he tried.

  14. People need to stop using those blowers. You'll end up with more germs on your hands than before you washed them.

  15. Vikings and crusaders are only comparable if you know absolutely nothing about history.

  16. It's St.George, but dressed like a crusader. I know that's how he's often depicted but that is definitely, definitely a crusader outfit.

  17. Yes i know, but we dont have games, like almost any of them. And even when there are they are in the most cases older ones and the price is higher. And every country in Europe have different type of these stores, but there are just not like that.

  18. I bought a switch game from a second hand store in northern europe less than three months ago, lol. It was about 3$. Probably because it was a charity store where only old people worked and they had no idea what to charge for super mario, but still. Europe is pretty big and diverse, best not paint with too broad a stroke.

  19. Damn that is one great deal for any switch game. I dont know i just dont see games in stores where i live and even when i do there are not like popular current gen or previous gen games. But hey there are many discounts. For example i just bought the last of us 2 for 10$ even i watched the whole thing and didnt liked the second story soo much but i told fuc* it i will give it a go since its that cheap.

  20. Yeah, they had put it next to the dvds, they had no idea what it was,lol. I think the good stuff goes super fast.

  21. Exuse me for being worried about how you decided to give DONALD TRUMP direct access to actual nuclear missiles and proceeded to do NOTHING when he actively withheld military aid to Ukraine to force them to illegaly investigate the son of Trump's political opponent ffs you literal morons

  22. NTA but you need to remove yourself from the spanish soap opera that is your life and get away from people who feed off stupid drama.

  23. I've actually had conversations with my friends (we're European) about how we should definitely do some sort of Marshall aid to the US after their second civil war. If there's anyone left, of course.

  24. I'm thinking I'm gonna turn off the fingerprint lock on my phone

  25. Why tf are there that many people and cars out at 5am?

  26. This is not from 5 am. There is not nearly this much light out in Sweden at 5 am in september.

  27. My parents never, ever asked me to pay to use their cabin. As long as they weren't there it was free for me to use whenever I wanted. They even really liked it when I went, because they want me to be happy and have a good time. They've even let my friends stay there (without me) for free. YTA. This is just such an incredibly unnecessary thing to be a d*ck about.

  28. Wtf? His vp is a woman, lol. I'm not saying the glass ceiling doesn't exist (it def does), but your statement is another example of exaggerating in a way that's more lying than anything. We have enough real problems, we don't have to lie to make it seem more severe than it is.

  29. Yes, of course lies should only be used for downplaying severity.

  30. I wish that just one of these comments would actually read what I wrote instead of pretending I said something just so they can make an argument.

  31. I keep thinking americans can no longer shock me with their idiocy, but here we are again.

  32. As an American, you're still shocked by our capacity to shock you with ever-increasing stupidity? Isn't that kinda on you, at this point?

  33. Absolutely, but let's face it. We europeans are nothing if not hopelessly naive.

  34. My guess (for the horrified people in the comment section) is that this a buffet style cafeteria and OP simply made the executive decision to forever ruin France's foodie reputation in one fell post.

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