Developer of OctoEverywhere for OctoPrint here. I'm doing a completely free Prusa i3 MK3S+ giveaway to celebrate the launch of Gadget, our FREE and UNLIMITED AI failure detection! Just leave a comment to enter! 🎉🐙

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  1. Thanks for the feedback! What device are you running OctoEverywhere on?

  2. Yes! If you follow a guide such as:

  3. I can access octoeveeywhere.com, I can even see the quick preview, this screen pops up the moment I try to access the actual remote octoprint interface.

  4. There is a “show more info” or anything button on the page?

  5. There is not. And if I click on the "i" button next to the url to adjust/view the security info, i doesn't give me any options to adjust.

  6. Is there any info you click around the top of the bar like this?

  7. Sorry for the delay, and you’re right! The goal of Gadget is to work on all setups, and it doesn’t quite a good job at most!

  8. Interesting, that should work, I wonder what’s going on. Can you open a support ticket using the following link so we can debug?

  9. Thank you, it was was simple as I didn't save the changes.

  10. No problem; I'm glad you were able to figure it out! Please feel free to contact us if you have any other errors!

  11. That’s a great experience! Thanks for sharing.

  12. When you get comfortable with it, checkout OctoPrint, it’s a game changer!

  13. This should work. Open a ticket using

  14. Thanks for all of this info! I will follow up via our conversation in the support system!

  15. drum roll - ask and you shall receive!

  16. Would you like to explain to everyone why you set the deadline forward to December 19th, and then retroactively changed it to November 19th after declaring a winner a month premature?

  17. Yeah, what happened was the post got so much attention I bumped out of the contest by a few days, but accidentally used the wrong month, and put December instead of November. Someone informed me of it a few hours later, but it said December for a little while.

  18. That’s interesting, thanks for letting me know! The next time it happens, can you force close OctoApp, re-open it, and see if it gets corrected?

  19. Well, as you have guessed, after force-closing and restarting it, it showed the correct information. I will keep you updated if it happens again.

  20. If you see it again, try to capture logs and send them to the app developer, he can probably get an idea of what’s going on.

  21. Hahah, no problem! Let me know if I can help with anything else!

  22. 🎉 thanks for your support!

  23. Can octoprint be hamfisted to work with a beagle camera due to pi’s being to fucking expensive anymore?

  24. Yeah! OctoPrint can work with many ip cameras if they are on the local lan.

  25. Thanks! Just getting into the 3D printing space and even with all the research I've done I still keep finding new info.

  26. Oh yeah, it’s endless! If you need any help ask here in the 3d printing sub and people will help!

  27. Once you get comfortable with it, setup OctoPrint and it will change your life.

  28. Checkout Gadget, our new free and unlimited AI failure detection!

  29. I have been seeing that support starts at $2.49 written in many places but whenever I look into supporting the lowest pricing tier is at $2.99, have you updated your pricing? Even the popup on the top of my page still advertises it "for as low as $2.49 per month."

  30. Hey! Yeah, unfortunately, due to cost increases in the providers I use to host the service I had to temporally increase the pricing. Let me know where you see the old value, and I will fix it. I thought I found most of the places it shows up, but it looks like I missed some.

  31. Haha no problem at all! 3 days before I was doing my big Gadget launch my entire family got a nasty stomach bug, it was the worst timing. Take your time!

  32. You should probably post it on discord, it’s much more active there.

  33. Thanks for that advice! That’s a great idea

  34. I will definitely look at this! so excited to use it with my first 3d printer arriving tomorrow!

  35. Super exciting! Have fun and welcome to the community!

  36. I will definitely check it out!

  37. Please do! I would love to hear any feedback you have!

  38. Please leave a comment on the main thread!

  39. One solution that can work around local network issues is to use something like OctoEverywhere. It’s a bit overkill just for local access, but it’s super fast and will work no matter how your local network is setup and no matter how it changes!

  40. Self plug, but you should try out Gadget, my latest feature to OctoEverywhere! Gadget is AI failure detection for the entire maker community!

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