1. Hello Healthy_block. 🙂 I am a software engineer, but I am not sure a vehicle like this would be in our budget in terms of monthly payments, so what we did was put over 50% down payment that my wife and I saved up over couple of years. This brought the rate down to affordable levels and allowed us to get rid of the gap insurance.

  2. I did the same with my GX. I put 40 down and financed the rest. Payment is very, very low.

  3. My job is in Fresno, 90% remote from home, but I traveled to Bakersfield because I heard a lot of good things about the Lexus dealership there. Honestly I’ve literally met borderline rude salespeople at the Fresno dealership. At one point I got a phone call how they are going to extend the wait time, now are charging markup fees, and so on. Went to Bakersfield dealership and was blown away at just how virtuous they are. No markups, no hidden fees, basically a guaranteed price that never changes. I felt welcomed there unlike the other local dealership that when I first walked in, the lady was almost annoyed that she had to talk to us as if she needed to be somewhere else. It turns out, the Bakersfield branch is one of the best car dealerships in the entire California. I’d concur.

  4. Good to know. I spend a lot of my time in SoCal and was curious where other jobs were like that. I reside in Nashville but miss living full-time in CA like it’s no ones business. Cheers enjoy your Lexus

  5. long time lurker. i was an architect on this project for 5 years. thank you for sharing.

  6. That’s fucking cool. We’re almost a real airport. Thanks for your contributions

  7. She’s also being groomed. I’ll die on that hill.

  8. I don’t know how and I’m still disgusted by it, but I saw a “scat” video from Farrah and it’s seared into my brain more than some gore videos I’ve seen. That woman is demented and I have no doubt she’s a groomer.

  9. I live in Woodland Hills. I love it here but I am married and in my late 30’s.

  10. There are quite a few nice bars and great nightlife spots within ten minutes of Woodland Hills. Not sure if you haven’t ventured out around there but I seldom need to leave the valley unless I want to be a delinquent and go clubbing downtown.

  11. Omg this is amazing. The time lapse from the start of the project goes from golden to green. So cool

  12. Prime Pizza has hats but not as fun as their shirts.

  13. I'd curse the refs out in post-game, and take the fine. It's worth it for something like this

  14. Watching Westbrook and Schroeder laughing after the game while Bron walked to the locker room stone faced really rubbed me the wrong way. Bron has earned all of my respect.

  15. He’s a billionaire. I hope he calls out the refs in the postgame and eats the fine.

  16. This entire year is the worst officiating I can ever recall. I remember a few bad calls here and there, but across the entire league it’s been trash. It’s getting harder and harder to watch.

  17. Not surprised. Car prices have absolutely ballooned in the last 2 years. I tried to buy a Tacoma during the pandemic and a vehicle that should have been $22k couldn't be found for less than $30k.

  18. I was offered $20,000 for my 03 Tacoma with 130,000 miles. It’s in great condition, but that’s what I paid for it 20 years ago...

  19. “Registration allows you to record information about your upcoming trip abroad that the Department of State can use to assist you in case of an emergency.”

  20. Yeah, probably a modern day Rodney King.

  21. They actually compared it to that. It’s not going to be good

  22. Journalism is so lazy now. Adding random shit for word count is my only assumption.

  23. The Cobalt Cafe was the staple of my teen years .

  24. AMC at the Topanga & Fallbrook mall in Woodland Hills / West Hills both have free parking. The new AMC at Topanga is very, very nice.

  25. Cupid’s is pretty good too. Although I haven’t been there in a while.

  26. Same honestly. It’s also sort of the way I feel about gambling. If I win $1000 it wouldn’t change anything for me, but I would fucking hate the feeling of losing $1000 way more

  27. I lost $200 when I was 21 with my buddy, drunk, in Vegas, and it hurt so bad I haven’t gambled since. I do well but the thought of burning money is just dumb.

  28. There’s an NFT company and they were offering a job as senior content manager paying $150,000 a year. Some people are buying that shit and that boggled my mind

  29. Mark @ Coin Exchange in the valley. Make an appointment though. He’s off Ventura and Reseda

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