1. okay all the other times i didn’t think they were being shady but this definitely is shady and i love it

  2. the cancer thing is true but the rest of it is bullshit. Cuba has developed its own lung cancer vaccine in fact

  3. You mean Gen Z? Gen X and Y (Millennials) love this.

  4. it’s so incredible that most transphobic memes are so hilarious from an ironic (and sometimes unironic) view. i’m trans and mentally ill and i thought this meme was fucking hilarious before i actually realized what it was saying.

  5. what i do is constantly deplete the infant’s energy needs using ui cheats while keeping all the other needs up- that way the infant is always sleeping and the parent sims have time to do whatever

  6. it’s been 4 years with my grandma and she makes literally no effort unless my dad or my girlfriend are around bc she knows they’ll throw hands

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