1. I think they are both BSing bringing the shower into it. You shower together for five minutes to freshen up the undercarriage if you must. They don’t want to have sex with each other and that’s ok.

  2. This is a man I've been talking with for a minute, and we finally exchanged numbers. In hindsight, there were some yellow flags, but nothing that would point to this type of talk. I feel like on the heels of watching Khadija Mbowe's video on Drake, it's really shown me that these fake woke men are just an infestation.

  3. I think you did a great job! Just make sure not to put too much energy into people committed to misunderstanding and arguing ❤️

  4. Talk to the villagers in their houses and trade with them for the special ingredients !

  5. Honestly I bought it cuz I was on my third play through before the sequel was announced and now I regret it. If money is that tight that you would have to skip a meal I don’t think it’s worth it. I still haven’t finished it or been inspired to play more.

  6. I don’t see pork on the list but “artificial flavors” can be sketchy. I only eat the instant ramen that says veg on the label but I wouldn’t judge u for eating this lol

  7. I think that naturally happens in any group of people, and in ECE who the kids feel most connected to can change at the drop of a hat! Lol

  8. I would ask about sick policies, discipline, and to meet the teacher who has been there the longest and check out the vibe in their classroom and see how it makes you feel.

  9. Nah his kids don't with live him, he said something about football but that finished at 8, I wanted to see a film then he came out with this...

  10. I don’t mind this, and I ask sometimes. I like when my coworkers try to talk about life outside work. It’s nice to acknowledge the humanity of the people you spend 40 hours a week with.

  11. Even though these precious “invites” will obviously never come to fruition it still touches my heart and brings a smile to mine and often their parents faces when a student invites me over to their house for a playdate/sleepover or to said camping trip their about to embark on. It’s super sweet and so innocently funny!

  12. Haha, i love when the parents are like…. Actually do you babysit though?

  13. I’ve been working on building my confidence to lead group times. I teach over 2s, and even the 2yo are sitting down and listening/singing during them. It was so fun for me and them, that one day doing a spontaneous one that I lost track of the time and realised it had been going for 20 minutes. The children lost focus when I looked at my watch, and on reflection I should have done the closing song around the 15 minute mark to wash hands.

  14. WOW! that’s amazing! What were you guys learning about??

  15. Lol, yes, and I hate Pete Davidson but I love Taco Bell and the ads are working. I haven’t ate it yet but I’m ready for a taco run

  16. Was it Oroonoko/The History of the Royal Slave? All I remember is an African prince gets taken as a slave and looks for his lost love, so it may not match the rest of your description at all.

  17. Yes I have multiple. It’s the only reason I keep social media tbh 🥰

  18. My first thought was maybe the child has been playing rough and attributing it to acting out superhero stories and the center is trying to be vague because they don’t want to address it.

  19. Sounds like you know that you are sick. I say stay home, if the pandemic has taught us anything it’s “germs are not for sharing.”

  20. You think it's cool when you see the photo... But it gets so much cooler when you have it!

  21. I would bring it everywhere with me, lol. What songs are on it?

  22. "We are the crystal gems" "Something entirely new" "For just one day let's only think about love" "Stronger than you" "Ruby rider" "Here comes a thought"

  23. Amazing. I would keep it in my purse and have sing alongs everywhere I went

  24. This might sound weird, but on a subconscious level, I think Hank actually knows Walter is Heisenberg, or he definitely has his suspicions that it's possible it could be him, but another part of his brain is refusing to believe it. All the little pieces of the jigsaw, like the missing chemistry stuff from the school, are putting themselves together by this point

  25. I agree. Some rewatches I feel like he knows in his heart from the beginning. I go back and forth on it

  26. My go-to on YouTube is Little Bear. Little Bear is the most pleasant show of all time.

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