1. Emotional. I already been stabbed, bludgeoned, slashed, burnt, frozen, shocked, concussed and shit myself. It's always the emotional DoTs.

  2. The case is in Delaware because that is where the articles of incorporation were filed. Delaware is a very pro business state, everything from the courts on down. Really nothing to do with sales tax.

  3. That's not what this is about. The change means instead requiring 50% of ALL potential shareholders voting in order to pass, you need 50% of ALL votes cast in order to pass.

  4. So, another offshore venue to fuck investors over.

  5. Additionally I find the less words used comes off as more assertive and less emotional.

  6. Why use many word when less word do?

  7. You hug it, kiss it and name it George. You could write a letter of support or objection if you wanted to. Unfortunately, if you only have 6 shares, the RS/Conversion and settlement are pointless for you. You will receive a cash payout. You need a minimum of 10 shares.

  8. Bridgewater Associates, LP sold its AMC shares on the 12th of May according to a 13f filing listed by fintel.io.

  9. AMC doesn't need to create fake supply/demand. They aren't Shitadel.

  10. He seems very keen on shareholder rights and responsible management. Which is a good thing. It's hard to speculate why he made the post.

  11. Wait! He doesn’t own any GME? Seriously tell me this isn’t true.

  12. He owns GME and has DRS'd it. I was speaking about accounts that were replying to him that gave a negative opinion while at the same time not owning the stock.

  13. If the youtubers/twitters want it, they will have to go get it. Also no cameras / recording devices, etc and they will be monitored and will be asked to leave if they act up in any way.

  14. And they can't trade on the information they read.

  15. Pre-Elon twitter basically said they couldn't filter out nazis / nazi ideology automatically because it would cause Republican politicians to be banned.

  16. Millennium Management also holds positions in AMC (via APE). The group is the 2nd largest holder of APE outside of Antara.

  17. $BBBY went into bankruptcy, the stock is now trading for pennies.

  18. Pretty wordy way of saying "AMC won't go bankrupt" from a guy who says he has 2 masters degrees and leads teams overseeing 2.5bln in revenue but spends all day on twitter.

  19. See opportunities where others don't. Set a goal, identify your available resources, then get creative on how to achieve it. Another tip is learning to fix stuff.

  20. A good knife is a good knife. I prefer Henckels, my current one (8" Chef knife) is going on 15 years of service.

  21. Court must rule. We have no information other than the current schedule which is the 29th of June.

  22. You're missing the point. They raised the price ~16% over a week, that was buy-in. Then they used exercised puts the next Friday to drive the price down just as equally (another ~16%) which also allowed them to cover more short positions. The next week they started shorting again (the 15th onwards).

  23. "We have no plans" which is a correct statement, they didn't. APE did not come out until about a full year after that interview.

  24. This is FINRA reported SI data. It gets reported every two weeks which allows for fuckery, like pawning the short position off to another entity that doesn't have to report it at the time of the filing.

  25. It's about the FTDs, not SI and I have the feeling that people add the FTDs from the last report all together. Finra shows FTDs per day which people sum up for the month and that is false. If there is 1mil on the 1st and 900k on the 2nd day it means that there are 900k in total. That's what I am trying to say here.

  26. The data OP posted was FINRA short data.

  27. What does it matter? It’s either we lose all of our cash to these scumbags or we eventually squeeze and have financial freedom.

  28. Factual data always matters.

  29. It's fixed. Hadn't had my coffee yet.

  30. What humidity should I aim for? And do you have any airflow to get fresh air in there?

  31. You can certainly open the fridge once or twice a day to allow fresher air in. However, for air circulation, which I think is more what you're talking about, you can get a voltage regulated computer fan (IIRC, ~$19 on Amazon).

  32. Nice, I just planted a small amount of potatoes this year as a test.

  33. When in a dungeon and you encounter a hive room, you don't need to clear the mud/iron blocker all the way. Just enough so you can destroy the hive with a bow and prevent additional spawns.

  34. You're asking for financial advice. The next part is if you do not understand options, you should not be getting into options.

  35. The judge is simply following established precedent. The parties who have been granted the ability to intercede have the right to review disclosure. They are expected to keep the disclosure confidential and its use solely within the realm of the court.

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