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  1. The game doesn't store it, but if you have the replays saved (or you've uploaded them to ballchasing) you could use something like rattletrap to parse all the data and write a script to figure out which games went to OT and which of those were wins and losses.

  2. Yup, mistake on my part, updated now!

  3. slight mistake - yan lost to TRK 5-4

  4. Thank you! Silly mistake, should be corrected now.

  5. In 1v1 (assuming the GC is a GC in 1v1)?

  6. https://rl.insider.gg/en/pc/decals/octane/griffon

  7. Offering 1s tournaments would be a big improvement. Any comment on whether this is in the works, or why it's not, would be appreciated.

  8. I'm happy with the policy as it's meant a marked drop in the number of people who quit after they go one goal down, so trying to play 1s is a lot less frustrating.

  9. I went from Champion I to Diamond I on one day over the weekend as part of a run that included an 11-game losing streak. I lost over 100 MMR. My losing streak started when I had two wins to go to get Champion rewards. It was awful.

  10. If they're unranked it means they haven't played their placement games for the season, so they might not be intentionally smurfing.

  11. Where can I get the replay files from the major? Will it be uploaded on ballchasing.com?

  12. Here are the replays from the finals:

  13. Are there any rumors/hints/clues about who the remaining three invited teams for

  14. I understand that it's really late in London, but they should have *something* prepared for situations like that.

  15. they legally can't unless they pay out of their ass afaik

  16. It wouldn't necessarily have to be something at the venue; just some plan for content that doesn't switch from best day of RLCS ever to nothing.

  17. Looks like grey Hardline, although it's possible it could be black Hardline.

  18. G2 got reverse swept with Saturday on the line twice and both times had a lead in a potential clinching game with 30s or less on the clock.

  19. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Covid-19_pandemic

  20. Have SAM #1 and #2 ever both won matches at a LAN before? That'll happen here if FURIA beat Gladiators in the lower bracket.

  21. Yes, this should work exactly the way it works for blueprints.

  22. I like it, for the most part the GXT versions tend to be over-complicated and I've found myself wanting painted versions of the base bodies instead from prior seasons.

  23. I would buy it if they also made it part of the random item drops; I think everything in the shop should also be accessible elsewhere. (And I wouldn't have the patience to wait to open it in a drop myself, so I would buy it.)

  24. When you guys going to fix banning people if they leave a 1v1 match?

  25. Letting people leave early with no penalty makes it harder to get daily wins—if a player quits very early, the win doesn't count for XP, but it does count for MMR, with the result that if you play ones and then encounter multiple quitters in a row (which happens way more often than I'd like) then you're at higher MMR and now have to beat tougher opponents in order to get your wins.

  26. https://www.reddit.com/r/RocketLeague/comments/podrnn/patch_notes_v204/hcvxsq9/?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

  27. Make all the colors available, but still split them across the two sides:

  28. You're right that it doesn't stand for anything, but also it's just “Elo”—it's named after someone (Arpad Elo).

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