1. AR shake (14g) was $86 and Curaleaf smalls (28g) were $140

  2. Wow. That's nice. Hopefully the battery lasts

  3. Anyone else see the skull face in the badder

  4. Sour blue diesel. So sweet. Super sour orange is good too it's one of the more actually "sour" tasting strains I've had

  5. I had Clem Punch and it was heavenly

  6. Thanks! Do you by chance still have the label?

  7. I don't. But top terps were terpinolene, ocimene, and myrcene. 19% THC

  8. This happened to me and they didn't help. Best of luck

  9. My Supply cart did this too. And they did not help when contacted

  10. try burning it at a lower voltage. this has helped a lot w my supply cart leakage

  11. I usually vape at the lowest setting anyway (around 2.2) and it's actually leaking from the bottom. I've had them leak from the top and still be able to use it. But the leak at the bottom isn't like, pouring out... It's just sitting on the rim if that makes sense. Maybe I'll post a pic later and ask for more advice. I appreciate yours.

  12. Your absolute best bet is to pray that someone else has purchased the product recently and posted a pic of the label here… and then pray the one at your dispo is the same batch

  13. I agree with this guy. I also terpene shop and I do so by picking a few strains on the dispo website and searching them on this page. Typically someone else has had it and posted pictures.

  14. Pineapple is suuuuper fruity. It seems obvious but it really has an insanely good smell. I would definitely go for that one. White truffle is also good, more of a light floral smell and taste but has good Indica/nighttime effects. I don't like ICC personally.

  15. They have pineapple dry resin and crumble wax. Any idea what dry resin is? Which did you have?

  16. Hmm it was awhile ago but I think the crumble. I've had the sauce of it too and it was great. Idk what dry resin is. Maybe shatter? I would go with the crumble.

  17. Klutch “Root Beer Float” rosin gummies have entered the chat.

  18. Terrrrrrpppeeeeeennnnneeeeessssss

  19. Do you taste terps? Or does it just taste like how all distillate tastes?

  20. The glove from cresco was pretty high when I got it

  21. I've been wanting to try a strain with a dominant Farnesene terp. I'll have to check out that Woodward strain. Thanks for posting

  22. I really like BR Sour Blue Diesel and Woodward Grapehead. The Diesel you can snag at 112 a half on sale days, and Woodward is a bit pricey at 89 a 5th, 72 on sale.

  23. These are two of the best!! And O43

  24. Thank you both. I've noticed people talking about Grapehead and O43 a lot. I imagine if so many people love them, there's gotta be a reason!

  25. There is a reason! It's the terpene, terpinolene

  26. I got the dosidos smalls and it wasn't too bad. Not great but definitely a steal for the value of it

  27. Agreed. Dank, fuel smell and taste. Produces tons of vapor. I love it.

  28. Highest THC I've seen in the program so far. Definitely wouldn't spend that much money for a 2.83 dram lmao

  29. Clem Punch is a nice one by them

  30. Appreciate the feedback! Any terpinolene or ocimene hanging out in the truffle by chance?

  31. Nope. Not terpinolene, at least. I don't remember if I saw ocimene or not. Those are some of my favs too. I remember the top one being limonene

  32. Right on..I picked up the headband x trainwreck from supply a few weeks ago and it’s a nice combo of those two terps if you are looking for any flower with that combo right now. Not super strong but gets me going.

  33. That is one of the best strains I tried recently. One of the few times I REALLY tasted the whole flavor of the smell that comes off the bud. Such a good strain

  34. It very much so was. Your review was spot on. I have tried both old and new. I encourage you to try again. It's much different

  35. Thanks for the heads up. I really wanted the Red pop and was really disappointed. I'll have to try it again since they have put out some new batches. So it doesn't smell like alfalfa?

  36. The one from this summer definitely smelled like hay. But this newer batch smells fruity, specifically cherries. They must have been different phenotypes or something

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