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The Last Terran (Part 29- End)

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  1. Lol, imagine not knowing you can set a second SSID on any wifi network and the same password. Good 20th century try, dudebros.

  2. They're trying to shut down sharing with someone not living in the same house/city/state

  3. Yes. I am explaining how this will not determine whether they are in the same house at all.

  4. Bring the kid to work. I don't care what excuses the school needs.

  5. Pure ethanol is sold for making hard drinks or mixing. If you want something to have 40% and taste like something you need to start stronger than vodka. Or you could make vodka-orangejuice as strong as pure vodka

  6. I was about to say, 'well that's a nice thought, thanks on behalf of anyone who needed it even though my own problems have never been on that scale...' and then got to the part about it being a bot.

  7. It's less passive-aggressive than the facebook "get this person some help" clicky, at least.

  8. They both die during the monster arc by garou and are mourned over by metal bat and the rest of the A class hero's

  9. I mean, technically, EVERYONE died by Garou, but then time travel, so...

  10. Shit bro, why do I owe you a favor? 😆

  11. I'm not doubting this but just to play devil's advocate, why did polio basically disappear after the vaccine came out?

  12. If you had to get a new polio vaccination every two months and you still got polio, would you think it was the same thing we actually had? Or maybe NOT a reliable vaccine, that hasn't finished its testing?

  13. I didn't say anything about the new vaccine, that's a whole different topic. This article is implying ALL vaccines, including the one for Polio are detrimental to health which is why Gates didn't give any of them to his children.

  14. No, the article is implying GATES was an anti-vaxxer, in practice, despite his rhetoric.

  15. Where do you think Boros fell on that list?

  16. Shit, did I skip over that? Was this edited?

  17. Milk is stored in the boobs, pee is stored in the balls, poop is stored in the butt-cheeks, blood is stored in the anime character's nose.

  18. That's not what they mean by a Peabrain

  19. Uncomfortable topic, didn't he die as a 10 year old boy king?

  20. Yeah the symbol should be the Rod is Aeschylus or however you spell his name, the Greek god of healing which as one snake and no wings. The mistake is so common that the distinction is almost pedantic at this point. I just don't understand why snakes were ever associated with health!

  21. "How did we get here, but a very different here"

  22. Hans is what’s wrong with Verizon. Him and the rest of the management.

  23. I thought the problem was fixed when they threw him off Nakatomi Plaza

  24. Ah, the "your human rights are negotiable" crowd. Nuremberg will need a moment of your time.

  25. She’s just dumbfounded after watching him effortlessly reach through forty-six layers of psychic force fields

  26. And then 400 layers of armor plating on the way out.

  27. Jenkins needs a check-in too. That's ANFO, boys and girls.

  28. Lol. It's been 30 years since OKC, and I never forgot that stuff. They say if you're not on a list by now, you must be doing something wrong 😆

  29. Goku can Probably just inhale and destroy 99.99% of the universe tho nowadays

  30. Goku: inhales Saitama: "lol, how's a Serious Fart TASTE, bro?"

  31. I KNEW he was hauling the genetic library of alexandria! I called that when he said he was the only human onboard but the cargo was important. This was like un-burning the library of Alexandria

  32. Sadly, the only one that would matter to her is her own. Ego, y'know.

  33. I'd be more adversely affected if I woke up and my own head was NOT with me in bed!

  34. didnt someone calculate saitamas nut would destroy the earth

  35. Based on serious sneeze, I think so.

  36. The issue is they say they can't get teachers new books and supplies but suddenly they have money to give guns and training for them

  37. Except the training is a time donation by firearms instructors, and the guns, they already own. This talking point needs to be buried and stay dead.

  38. Got a job at Tractor Supply last month, and we lost our chickens in June to a bobcat. Since we keep the old bags for trash bags, I just went and checked: The ingredients haven't changed in the past year, when are they claiming it changed? I have older bags somewhere.

  39. What chapter is this from? Sorry I haven't read the manga in quite some time haha

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