1. I am a full time artist and make a good living doing so. I am a designer and in communications which I love. I also illustrate, paint and mixed media ( though they don’t pay most my bills— they probably could if I focused all energy there.. I take commissions when I have time/interest in doing so) I like the challenge and problem-solving aspect of design/creative comm. I also have many friends that are working full time doing various other more “hands on” work like 3D, interactive exhibits, sculpture… there are a lot more art-centric jobs to explore than most think— depending on location. If you’re only talking about making art that is only of your preference to sell where and to who you deem fit then odds are you’ll have to get comfortable not eating as well. It seems you’re a creative person— just learn to extend that creativity to problem solving and broadening your skill set. Don’t get discouraged if it isn’t exactly what you want to be doing because working as a creative beats mind numbing excel sheets any day, imo. Art is a technical skill— a very flexible one if you know your foundations…and therefore can be utilized to make a living. I will say that if you’re interested in selling your own art that you WILL need to know how to market yourself and essentially build your own brand. This means you need to be mindful of the demand for what you produce and the opportunity you have to reach those driving that demand. Simply put art is a hustle and as an artist you will have to be flexible in your expectations. My advice— gain as broad a skill set you can, network with other artists ( of all types), learn how to market (yourself and your work), show your work to many people and get used to critiques/suggestions on improving, try new things ( never know- you might like it)—Design is my passion, but another’s idea of “whoring out” haha. Whatever you do… keep creating, learning and evolving. Wishing you all the best.

  2. Thank you so much! I am mainly a painter but I have some design background as well. I really dislike design and realized it’s not what I want to do. I love illustrating. It’s my passion. I’ve been a painter since I was a preteen and I’m almost 24. Im working on building my brand so I can launch a website soon to sell my original works as well as prints and other media forms as well.

  3. Working with friends can make or break the relationship. You both with have to put your egos aside to be able to work well together. I would have multiple long hard conversations before going for it. If you think you can add value to his business then I’d say go for it, just make sure you have the hard conversations first.

  4. Get well soon! I’m sorry you have to deal with such a toxic work environment. Fuck higher ups. They don’t have an empathetic bone in their body

  5. This post brought to you by office workers in sleeping bags.

  6. I’ve worked with family before, in fast food. It was hell, I had a family member who was above me and all they wanted was to be seen as a good manager and would trample all over me. Since then I now work as a social media manager for my fiancés family recruiting business. We consist of 5 people. But Because we are all trying to grow this business together, we work very well together. We know we need each other to be a successful business. (Edit: 4 of us own a part of the company so it’s a bit easier to work together)

  7. :0 <- my face reading this entire post. Why are they wasting not only your time but their time as well. Based on a freaking lie

  8. I have a friend who’s also worked for Kroger for YEARS. They constantly complain about how bad management and the overall company is to the employees. But remember the toxicity will probably be the same at Walmart because it’s usually everywhere.

  9. Go to rehab. Your mental and physical health are above anything else even your job development.

  10. Two week notices are the norm. If her boss is upset about that then he is probably just a control freak and shuts down when others take control. Proud of your girlfriend! Sending her the best of luck at her new job!

  11. as someone else said, fook them. but also like you said they influence your promotion, so I can understand feeling a little uneasy. If they're like a boss to you that can be even more frustrating.Take a step back and reevaluate the situation, maybe the feedback could be applied in other ways. (obviously I don't know your situation but I'm trying to help lol)

  12. I say take the job that pays more, then take that time to also learn more about consulting. In the future maybe you can go back to consulting and use contacts and money earned from the well paying job to propel yourself further.

  13. She was offering 35k for an accounting position, no accountant will work even part time for that.

  14. whoever uses the term 'NPC' as a"derogatory" term is not worth your time.

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