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  1. I don't think this sub is a good landing pad for $BBBY content. Nobody here sees the value, they'd rather be wrong about 5 other tickers on repeat.

  2. I've invested and lost money in at least 5 other tickers.


  4. I hope so. Been counting my profits early for 84 years.

  5. 420.69. If it hits 200, I can pay off all my school debt and house to live much more comfortably. Anything above 3 is profit. Lfg!

  6. I honestly wonder what his true unbiased thoughts on Bobby is. Is he a part of this sub?

  7. I think he is offline since GME's "scandal" had him pulled in front of congress. Dude deserves the quiet.

  8. Make it a rdm and use a range controller. Debuffs happen more often than elemental but they can do both. Still slower than melee or ranged.

  9. It's really not that hard but is super confusing. Just do more dragon missions to unlock dialogue, which eventually unlocks the 2nd WoL fight. That fight was the most perfectly balanced match up in the game thus far.

  10. Sam and max hit the road. Part of a Lucas arts pc bundle. This game had comedy, was challenging, and opened me up to a new genre of games.

  11. That ending music is amazing. Masterpiece.

  12. Still holding until moon or zero but this is probably the last squeeze stock I go into. My confidence is not what it was 3 months ago. However, I hope that the RS vote and share recall does potentially cause a squeeze.

  13. I'm not convinced anymore. Not down as much as some people but it still stings.

  14. My conviction is waning too. I'm holding until moon or zero but my confidence has finally been shaken. Could this squeeze? Yes. Could it turn profitable long term? Yes. Could it death spiral even after the RS? Also, yes.

  15. Wow… i bought yesterday, this place seemed so fun. Turns out it’s full of really salty nasty users. Good luck out there! Guess I’ll just shut up and stop posting here. Fucking yikes.


  17. Not yet but I have some hope that I will feel relief soon.

  18. Asked my wife if I can sink 20k into this at $1. Sorry bois, she said no.

  19. Dropped my cosr average to 3.30, so only 2 100% days needed!

  20. 6 cents isn't moass and is easily shorted back down. We need to see 25-50% up.

  21. I wish I had gotten on this ride. But from prior experience with these kinds of stocks, FOMO and late-to-the-party greed rarely work out well. At the very least, following it is enjoyable. Good luck.

  22. Shares are ~1.50 right now so always time to buy tickets

  23. That's what makes BBBY such a good play. They are avoiding bankruptcy, and actually in the same fashion as AMC, using a hedge fund, except AMC did a private offering in which the hedge fund was allowed to sell, and they did, almost immediately. Then AMC did an ATM offering two days later. Then, AMC ran to $70 the next week.

  24. Not confirmed that a hedgefund is part of the private offering yet. It may end up that way but you can't legitimately say that since it isn't confirmed.

  25. Bbby. If this play ends up doing well, gold bars in the back yard instead of banks.

  26. It's not greatly optimized for pc, but I found it looks way smoother if you switch to borderless windowed. Something about how it interacts with your gpu makes it look grainy in full screen.

  27. Just had a fun dream that the price on monday shoots to 4.05 in the first 5 mins of being open. With all the hype, let's see what happens!

  28. Gotta start somewhere! And, I'm not selling at 4.05.

  29. THE LEAST IM SELLING IS $500 NO LESS MOFOS!!! 🔥💸💸💸🔥🔥🛁🛁💸🔥🔥🛁💎

  30. Me today. Average is 3.50 so I might be able to get more Monday or tuesday.

  31. Do you have funds settled? You can't just use cash available to trade... it has to settle for penny stocks.

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