1. Sure but why this photo 😭😭

  2. 🀣 I did base this meme off another one with the text being "booty pic", I just changed the texts but kept the photo and word format. Definitely an awkward pic considering what he's actually being told πŸ’€

  3. And then men wonder why they have to pay/we censor our feet πŸ’€

  4. Youtube is your best bet. There's videos targeted towards women and men though the men's videos will likely be drag related.

  5. No I don't think so, maybe just specify in the search you need a beginner type tutorial.

  6. I definitely don't answer nearly as many DMs anymore because of this.

  7. Since it's an image with text it could technically be classified as a meme by this definition:

  8. Well I get it . It's just that you usually post really good memes and I was like nah she can do better than this. You know what I mean ?

  9. If you're not attracted to your partner do her a favor and break up with her so she can be appreciated like she deserves to be by someone else.

  10. I heard this from my teen, she said that if a girl exposes her feet at school the boys shout freebie

  11. I definitely would have tried to find other people to do fetish stuff with. Now I'm happy with my relationship but it would be interesting to see what I could have got up too πŸ˜†

  12. So what? Stinky feet lovers are part of the fetish. I'm not into that but it doesn't bother me at all that others are, why does it bother you? Comment and upvote the other "better" posts then.

  13. Yes it's definitely a common joke for this community lol

  14. I would. Not because of shame but because it's a pain in the ass to have a fetish. Sure it's unique but I wish I could be satisfied by "normality".

  15. I don't like mismatched socks either. It's only ok when it's a specific fashion choice and it's the same socks in a different colour.

  16. Oh definitely. This is why I originally invested in a ring light for my selfies. It helps with foot photos as well of course. There's also nothing wrong with editing the photo too if you need too like brightness, contrast, ect.

  17. A lot of girls realized the sexual power their feet have. So why give it away for free? Same reason girls don't give away bare breasts. You need to pay for it, same for feet now.

  18. Exactly. This plays into it as well as unwanted sexualization.

  19. What changed is that people took things too far in comments sections constantly over the years.

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