1. Men’s 4-6 blade razors are the best—women’s stuff is vastly overpriced. If you have relatively thicker leg hair it might also help to shave with the grain, not against.

  2. every one of these problems is spiritual in nature. getcha spirit right kids

  3. Allow me to pray a barrage of bullets away ✨🙏🏽🛐🤲📿😮‍💨😪🤩✨

  4. Quien es “black hat”? Vi la serie en inglés y no conozco ese carácter o su nombre

  5. Nobody is saying nothing happened around Tiananmen Square, but it isn't the same as it is portrayed today.

  6. Thank you, this is the info I was looking for! I did not know any of that, I’m surprised (yet not surprised) I learned it much differently in high school US history! Thanks for not chewing me out and giving me a real response lol 😭🫡

  7. https://mango-press.com/the-tiananmen-square-massacre-the-wests-most-persuasive-most-pervasive-lie/

  8. Thank you for this!! Getting unbiased news is extremely important to me, but this is making me rethink all the sources I use. Do you have any other news sources that are reputable and independent? Are any US news sources (I primarily read nyt, Reuters, the hill, WSJ) accurate?

  9. Not a good sign when this is the article’s last line: “…what do we do?” 🙃

  10. “I brokered the treaty of versailles, i walked on the moon before neil armstrong, and i wrote Reagan’s speech when he said ‘Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall’. Nobody is going to tell me what to do” - George Santos

  11. UK teacher currently living in Spain although I work online now. What do you want to teach?

  12. Hi! I’m from the US and looking to get into teaching in Spain. I’m wondering if you are familiar with what kind of certification I would need to teach math or biology. I have a BS in math and biological anthropology and I am earning an MS in a bio subject. I don’t have a teaching certification from the US and I’m wondering if I should get it here and then teach in Spain or move and earn my certification there/somewhere in Europe.

  13. Hey! So you will definitely need a teaching qualification but if you do it in the US, you can use that here. Would you want to teach in a Spanish school or an international school?

  14. I am not sure, what’s the difference in terms of necessary qualifications? In my research I also found tes has a straight to teaching program that requires you have a teaching job (one you can get without certifications) beforehand. Are you aware of any schools hiring people like this? Most schools I’ve seen require experience and certifications, but I am not able to find any local school postings.

  15. "Hey if I don't take your house someone else will."

  16. Yes. I’ve even noticed a lot of programs somewhat prefer people with different majors bc of diversity in thought and different perspectives. People with vastly different majors get into programs like that as well (as long as have taken the necessary prerequisite coursework). Plus physics is so similar to applied math, I doubt they’ll even consider it to be that much different. I don’t think it’s particularly necessary if you don’t want to, but you could pick up the minor in order to take some advanced coursework that fits your potential research interests.

  17. I actually don’t get it how would this be considered western propaganda and why is it false?

  18. This is classic war propaganda lol. Morale booster for your side, morale crusher for whoever believes it on the other side. Morale plays a role in war and enables small armies to occasionally destroy larger ones. Ancient battles were often initiated by a duel of the commanders, the result of which often shaped how the battle goes as the defeated commander’s army loses a great deal of morale

  19. I see, that makes a lot of sense, thank you! Don’t get why I was getting downvoted, I was legitimately confused 😕

  20. i've loved sharp objects but i think fentanyl is exactly as i felt when i was watching euphoria..

  21. Oh I thought you meant in reference to the situation, like these “sophomores” fully into hardcore drugs and the general glorification of its casual use

  22. If u use DuckDuckGo as your search engine for finding the YouTube videos, they have an option for you to watch the video “on DuckDuckGo” so that YouTube doesn’t see that you watched the video/you aren’t giving away any data. If you are watching anything age restricted however they make you go on YouTube to log in.

  23. It would appear I'm changing my search engine to DuckDuckGo. Thanks for informing us.

  24. Glad to hear it! I got rid of everything Google a few years ago for privacy reasons. One thing to note is that you need to be more explicit on DuckDuckGo in your searches—since they don’t collect your data, they aren’t able to figure out what your thinking as well as Google can. IMO it’s a small price to pay for keeping your personal information secure and not getting targeted ads!

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