1. Nordecke builds up momentum and gets loud AF from a goal. Then we all shut up and watch the VP of operations at

  2. Big bummer. I'm lucky not to deal with bad dealers often but calmly talking to the floor after the fact can go a long way, since they are so used to players throwing tantrums. I suppose if there are no cameras and the community cards were brought in to the muck, it's the right ruling.

  3. Are you just putting the word gay in front of the first thing you see?

  4. Well, for me it's a little about the money and I happen to make that much money.

  5. I don't think they'd like him very much. He used to be a huge piece of shit.

  6. If anyone attempts to vote for the Columbus city flag jerseys, can we all agree they’re kicked out of this subreddit and permanently barred from LDC?

  7. I can't even watch a movie without a big pour of WINE

  8. Yes and instead of coming down the stairs for the monologue he needs to fall out of a coffin

  9. 83 is a perfect Double Down hand. Get as much money in as possible

  10. It would be helpful to know the hosts background/credentials in poker or see their recent poker results. There is a lot of low level content being shilled BR79/rcp by questionable coaches and this credibility might make you stand out.

  11. honest question - why is a credit union better?

  12. Instead of paying fees you receive dividends! Only reason not to use one really is if you're constantly using ATMS or transferring funds from other banks, because then you'll start to see fees.

  13. and this guy, he just lays there like he was kicked in the fucking neck! This is why people can't stand this shit in the States. If he would just get up, rub some fookin Bengay on it, and score some goals, maybe they would put a couple extra sahhhccer moms in the stands.

  14. Well like 90% of the time I do but every now and then you can limp in with a shitty hand and do big time gambol. But yeah 32 off is a folded pre close to 100% of the time.

  15. You're going to help yourself so much by never limping and memorizing a set of preflop charts.

  16. I call it the waterfall. First guy calls and you might as well verbalize pot odds to the next 6 for them.

  17. It's crazy how 5 players with no balls think the same thought: "I'll call only if someone else calls"

  18. How was that the last? It was so good especially the next episode when he explains what happened afterward

  19. The greatest hits episode like 2 shows later was FIRE

  20. Papa Giorgio’s helped my grandpa when he fell outside 15 years ago. Therefore eat their food.

  21. Best "fuck I forgot to eat dinner" choice when playing poker at the Shark Tank

  22. 9s8s vs any two without the Ks or As on a QsJsTs where one hand is drawing to a runner runner chop

  23. I came close to this once. Got it all in on the turn w/ KK vs 32 on a 8764 board. We ran twice and both rivers were 5 chop it up

  24. Can't leave a dog at home for a 14 hour session

  25. Is there a way to fix football so every team plays like they are down a goal?

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