1. The neck is the back of the monitor (that protruding part), but what you read was probably referring to a bare tube without a casing.

  2. I will warn you, it’s front-heavy. It’s gonna want to tip forward, so carry it with the screen facing you.

  3. I’ve tried them and they do work, but be wary of counterfeit chips.

  4. I can’t really point you in the direction of a risk free source, but maybe you can pull the chips from a parts board.

  5. Quick trick to turn your AC into a self immolating flamethrower.

  6. I mean, that’s basically already true if it use’s something like 1234yf lol

  7. They are little monochromatic monitors. They aren’t worth anything basically, and they’re probably VGA so definitely worth nothing.

  8. No, it's about competence, not age. I know 60 year olds with dementia and 80 year olds sharp as a tack. Bernie Sanders is ancient and even if you don't agree with his policies, the dude is obviously physically and intellectually fine. Plus, I don't want my choice taken away. If someone wants to vote for an old person, then they should have that option, just like they should be able to vote for a young person. We have Vice Presidents for a reason, there's a back up plan.

  9. What do you mean “if they want to”? That is the only option we’re really ever given. We don’t choose the candidates, we only vote for the ones given.

  10. Absolutely. Even lower in my opinion. Maybe 50. The ideals of someone who is 2-3 generations out do not apply to the current generation of adults. Someone closer to this generation would be more in touch.

  11. Look at the ps3’s then the ps1’s and you’ll change your mind lol

  12. I could refuse a caravan at literally any price. They are garbage cars. They are plagued by problems all around.

  13. I didn’t know they made IDE drives that large. The largest one I’ve used was 200gb.

  14. Some models didn’t have an aux port, but the button remained because they used the same radio.

  15. Looks like maybe part of an aftermarket security system? I’ve had issues with those in the past.

  16. Why the fuck did they steal the steering wheel?

  17. I did this, and it worked!! Flashed a couple of these china clones I picked up that don't have BIOS loaded on them. Worked like a charm!

  18. Possibly just because its a cheap Chinese clone? I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Using that pad is exactly the same as just grounding it.

  19. I was working in a small electronics store and some lady came in looking for a cable. Pretty average start to it. Then the conversation began. She was looking for a longer iPad charger. Yea, no problem we've got them. Then she tells me why.

  20. “The sun can give you cancer too, but you don’t see us blowing it up with a rocket” lol

  21. Good thing the designers aren’t cartographers, huh?

  22. Sounds like a bunch of parents don’t want to deal with their kids, so they stick them in front of a tv or tablet all day.

  23. Quit trying. Women can spot an agenda (getting a girlfriend) like shit on a shoe. Just be sociable. Be polite. Be conversational. Show your decency. Sooner or later, someone will notice you and like what she sees; then she will let you know if she's interested. In the meantime, be patient.

  24. Thats bad advice. You shouldn’t wait for someone to come around. I mean, you shouldn’t be asking random girls, but don’t wait for them to come to you first if you’re interested.

  25. Fewer deaths? Ever heard of stagecoach robbery?

  26. If its a stand your ground state and its on your own property, no.

  27. For pee, you don’t touch anything for the most part. I mean, yeah, you touch your ween, but it should be clean if you bathe regularly.

  28. Anything you buy on an iphone can go through apple pay if they support that payment method. Just change your default card in the wallet settings.

  29. OSHA doesnt really do anything that I've seen lol, I've worked jobs (fast food and the like) that did super questionable if not downright illegal stuff lol never saw someone or heard anything from them lol

  30. Because YOU have to call them. That is your duty as an employee. YOU have to report unfit working conditions, they won’t just show up unless there’s an investigation for a workplace injury.

  31. They gain a physical dependence on it and they need more and more as they gain a tolerance to it.

  32. Where is your receipt? The tracking number is on it. Is that what you lost?

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