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That's a little funny

  1. You're going to fall asleep that's not a psilocybin mushroom it's an aminata muscaria. Completely two different things all together. Do some research.

  2. I have eaten pounds they don't make you trip like LSD or psilocybin at all sorry to burst the bubble but you will sleep like you ain't never slept before

  3. Public service announcement your not the dean or a professor I say shut the fuck up about you black this an that that's racist af telling white people to leave because your actions if we're a white person saying that everyone of color need to leave this is for white people they say that racist. I say shut the up and quit being a Karen Karen.

  4. I'm five years in and I pay more a month on my tools than I do on my "newer" car . probably 30k easily with my box. And it was rough the first couple years because I was starting as a GS and didn't have shit and the shop didn't provide anything but an impact and some.soxkets until you got.your own and a torque stick. I hated borrowing people's stuff and I always had a rule if you have to borrow it.more than 3 time you need to buy it.

  5. Shops that hire up here literally get your tools moved for you ever time for free. I've never paid to move my tool box unless I quit.

  6. They make you sleepy.. you don't have a traditional psychedelic experience at all. I have eaten pounds of dried AM from all over the world......never had a "trip" you Wana trip get some DMT.

  7. I used to order them a.lot and make tea ...I'm currently prescribed benzo and have been looking for a way to taper natural and had no idead that AMs help even all those years I was making tea just for recreational use and to get good sleep. I'm gonna def have to try this once my dose is low enough.

  8. Small bits at a time and see how you react

  9. I feel you...our lead tech had to do a heater core about a month back and it looked about like that...he bitched about it for like three days then started it and was done in like two hrs lol smh

  10. Use a dab bong. Just like your donig a dab.

  11. It does make you bong taste like deems forever pretty much so dedicate a pipe for just this alone is a good idea.

  12. I just use my oil banger works great I put like a .2 on a lil square piece of paper creased in the middle, heat up my banger let it cool a little and pour in my "spice". One hit is all I've ever had to do and always break through but I would rather do one big giant hit and hold it than take two or three, the taste gets to me lol

  13. Yes if the market is legit escrow is the best thing to happen to markets.

  14. The ones at the last two shops I was at were newer and they did but we have some old shit where I am now...

  15. Your lifts arms don’t lock in place when its lifted 2 inches up?

  16. I use my freaking phone before lol with just Tor and turned off java script.

  17. And fuck AB there are so many other reliable marketplace. I don't know why everyone except I guess people who have money on there or places orders are screwed but the original Tor browser still works fine and you can access various markets. maybe not as safe but none of this is really safe your all gambling really.

  18. I mean yeah I could and have but I have kids now and. Not trying to do all that at my house...besides many easier ways. Thanks for the help ✌️

  19. Yes I know it in me ..that's. Or what I meant . And for the cop.comment I'm quite offended.

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