1. The people have spoken "Please just keep giving us crumbs"

  2. Looks like an old school cartoon representation of a tiki mask

  3. I almost made a post about this earlier, im being overloaded with mayo mans dream cream!

  4. Dassa a good boy! Bt damn he's got a reckless eyeball!

  5. Grill brick and oil, scrape with spatula then lemon juice.

  6. Wonder when they're gonna come out and say they've got to check ALL their writer's new work to make sure Superstonk wasn't the source? Kinda like how colleges are checking papers against the chat AI for legitimetness.

  7. In life "If your to big to do the small things, then your to small to do the big things." That's what I hear in my head when it's time to put away the cart. Put the fuckin cart away.

  8. Woulda been more impressive if ya bought from the marketplace too...just sayin'

  9. Just use fentanyl like the rest of the people injecting themselves with lethal amounts

  10. Lol...they posted they're debt on your account!

  11. Because they dont even want to deal with the type of person that would be offended by this.

  12. Sounds great, Gamestop Marketplace has been great to be a part of, this will be exciting as well.

  13. How about all workers earn stock in the company they work for no matter what? It’s more than one issue…overpaid execs and underpaid workers, with no one to fight for them…

  14. My dad worked for US West telephone co for 35 years and opted for stock every chance he had. Had tons of it at the end if his career, shares were worth quite a bit too. Then they merged with Qwest and only the top execs were allowed to sell they're shares prior to merger. What once was easily his retirement fund was now worth jack shit. Lost an insane amount of money. Not saying i disagree with you because i don't, i think it's a great idea just doesn't always work out.

  15. I got these from home depot, cheap 15$ lights...something Bay is the brand. Comes with whole new assembly though not just globe. Hope that helps

  16. Can I assume your referring to the native token?

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