Those who are against cannabis, what's your reason?

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  1. I work in a mental health hospital and deal with a number of individuals who suffer from BPD also subject to change from the EUPD. I find there are 3 very different individuals whom suffer with this mental health illness. Some very much chasing the diagnosis this can be that which is a mixed emotion reason. Some will utilise this as a reason for the behaviour. Some who accept the diagnosis and feel that it is a diagnosis they can work with and learn about in order to help themselves and others who feel that this is the wrong diagnosis all together.

  2. Mainly the psychosis and paranoia I see with it every day in my job and the fact it can make people so unwell that end up in hospital on a section. The concern of what people are spraying on it unknown to the user that again can cause extreme psychosis.

  3. You guys really need to get her a cat, dog even a hamster so this kid can have a buddy

  4. Looks like you have put a lot of time and craft into it and it does look pretty unique. Wouldn't be my cup of tea on my own beach just because I storm about everywhere and would get angry having to follow a set path 😂😂

  5. I see a lot of reflection from taking a photo of a photo on another phone because of that everything could be discredited

  6. It's a tough life to be on the outside of addiction I can understand why she decided self preservation was the best way forward. Hope you manage to stay clean mate.

  7. Why is there so many pics of people having things up their dicks surely there is a different more appropriate sub for this.

  8. You end up having to wear arm shields when you restrain a patient who inserts objects just so you don't end up with a needle stick. Had a staff member get a needle stick in this way and the patient refused to give blood to do a HIV test ironically because she was scared of needles and the poor guy had to go on anti virals which was not pleasant for him at all.

  9. So can he get done for being nude? I mean it's not like there is anything there he is like an out of shape ken doll. Yet it's still disturbing

  10. Don't press the emergency stop just drag her body away....the stair burn on that will be fun 🔥

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