1. Feel like I’ve had some experience with people on LinkedIn treating it like a corporate dating app - at least in the past. You wear a seductively fitted dress shirt to one networking event and then the “thirst” hit the dms the following week (this did happen like 6hrs ago, so maybe it’s different now)

  2. I have listened to almost all LPOTL episodes, except for the Albert Fish one(s). Weirds me out to think about it for too long

  3. I walked pass Mos Def in one of the Post Oak office buildings; didn’t even realize it until the security guard told me

  4. Buy the ticket, ride the ride when it comes to debt…. If you can’t afford a car, don’t buy it; buy something that works for you

  5. Catlyn Stark…. Her chapters in the books, so frustrating, boggles the mind. reminds me of my mother Excellent actor and acting for the role!

  6. When I worked manual labor and used one of the company’s work truck, that was where they kept the guys during open hours. But never would do that with my personal vehicle

  7. They did great work on my Hilux.

  8. Thanks for all the input y’all! Definitely going to be looking at these over the weekend

  9. They've continually kept it bright white for at least 5 years. Have wondered the same myself but not enough to pull up hcad.

  10. If you go the CO, UT route, make sure you have tire chains that fit your vehicle’s tires. You don’t want to go over the Rockies when they are iced up like that. Plus I am sure certain roads would be inaccessible without them. ( you will be ticketed and towed without if the roads are bad enough). But Moab in the winter is gorgeous. You could hit Arches NP, Bryce Canyon NO, Canyon Lands and likely Zion NP on your current route.

  11. I think an important missing piece of information is what vehicle you plan to drive and how valuable the cargo.

  12. The main cargo is my dog, and myself… all the objects are replaceable. It’s a mid size, white SUV 4wd, and that seems to be very attractive down south

  13. Sounds like a fun adventure, didn’t read all the comments but I would only take items I really need and buy the rest at my destination. Planning might be the hardest part, like where do you sleep each night and know you are safe. If you do this please update us on the progress, maybe live videos or daily vlogs. What kind of car were you planning on driving??

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