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  1. Are you saying I'm the one trolling? I just wanted some genuine insight on this, my bad

  2. I mean it's definitely a possibility, I do remember leaving my body in my room during this though.

  3. I really hope that schools and administrators don't just sit back and accept that this is just some thing kids do when it's active participation in violence and actually traumatizing others. Sharing around extreme death, gore, suffering and torture around in their friend groups and forcing it into people's faces like this with no repercussions isn't just some petty thing like teasing, it's actual gore porn and traumatizing. These kids are already seriously psychologically fucked up, they already are hurting and traumatizing people for fun.

  4. We don't own the planet. Get used to cohabitation with nature or be miserable and sad your entire life. Try to practice some of that compassion you've been praying so hard for, you have free will.

  5. California is a capitalist state in a capitalist country huh. This is because of capitalism.

  6. My dad thinks I'm allergic to bees but im not allergic, I just had the normal reaction to being stung by a bee.

  7. Just my opinion, but it is so weird to me how some families just see their children as cattle to make rich people richer, not caring about their child's actual happiness, mental health or wellbeing in the slightest. What do you even have children for? Just more bodies for the meat grinder? Do you honestly feel more sad about your son not keeping a job than him being depressed and unhappy with life?

  8. Psychiatry is just a control system for people who don't want to be obedient slaves. Telling someone to go to therapy because they don't want to be slaves is beyond retarded.

  9. I agree completely, but still, depressed people need any help they can get until the system changes.

  10. News articles mentioned in the video providing more context :

  11. Yes, I love conjuring up raspberry smoothies. Any fruity food tastes insanely good in dreams.

  12. Saw a video of an anchor just openly saying a slur on NewsMax. It's like Fox News, but off their meds, completely unhinged.

  13. Zach Hunt is wrong. Space exploration is a) vital for the survival and continued flourishing of the human race and b) pays for itself many times over. Here's some discussion that will hopefully help explain why.

  14. We really need to focus on the people on Earth before focusing on space exploration. If we can put billions into going to space, we can most definitely focus on ensuring the welfare of future generations, by mitigating climate change and enacting effective policy, feeding everyone and educating our youth, but that somehow seems to be more impossible a feat than space exploration. You can't say children should be able to eat for free without being called a libtard and books are being banned like it's the middle ages. There needs to be a huge shift in our collective mindset. I do agree that space exploration is important to the human race, but far in the future, not now when people are still not getting their basic needs met and the ceo of Nestlé declares water isn't a human right. Oh yeah that reminds me, water wars are probably going to happen in the future. I also don't want to be living on one of Elon's space colonies where this volatile, sociopathic man like this turns off the oxygen when he has one of his episodes lol.

  15. Corporate America apparently thinks people are stupid for having the ability to change their mind. Cool world we live in

  16. I hate corporate America. This is just absurd, low-balling a humans wage that they need to live on and then going on reddit to complain that they were shit at negotiating their salary. I hate this shit man. This arbitrary bullshit is just so exhausting. There's nothing weird about wanting to renegotiate or change your mind at a later time. Christ.

  17. The new Korean beauty standard is to look like an imp, apparently. I've seen similar edited videos like this before. It's bizarre. It's like they're catering to people that don't find actual humans attractive.

  18. Dude was buddies with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, and tortures monkeys. He isnt just a creep, he's a sociopath

  19. Who is responsible for this horrific policy? It needs to change.

  20. This is getting to Salem Witch trial levels of hysterical. These rabid deluded fascists need to be stopped.

  21. Everything is happening so fast that we can't even fight back against it, just full speed ahead towards fascism. I'm exhausted.

  22. Mass paranoia and fear seem to be a huge problem in America lately, more than usual I suppose. Not to mention the bizarre people that fantasize about killing a home intruder just so they can have a reason to kill someone "justifiably". Just in the last week, a man shot a child for ringing a doorbell, a walgreens employee shot a pregnant woman they suspected was shoplifting, and this shooting of a woman for the crime of turning around in a lunatics driveway. I wish something could be done about the media pushing such detrimental fear onto the populace.

  23. Probably, Pat proctor makes impulsive comments and deletes them once he realized he doesn't look good saying that, and he also deletes a ton of comments from people showing any opposition, or even questioning, whatsoever. I got a comment deleted by him genuinely asking how is it possible to represent your constituents when you block and delete your constituents comments. He's actually blocked many of his own constituents voicing any concern or question.

  24. Unfortunately. Baan Thai is a popular name for Thai restaurants, but the ones the Proctors own are located at 301 S 4th St, Leavenworth, KS and 1709 Fort Riley Blvd, Manhattan, KS.

  25. Yeah multiple armed men breaking into your home, cornering you and handcuffing you is totally not going to traumatize a young girl lol. The girl was also bruised from a cop wringing her arm in another video on their TikTok.

  26. "you just be saying shit" too. Try educating yourself once in a while. Your grammar is horrible.

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