1. I Store in a dark dry area just below room temp, jars tight within air tight canister. I’ll check them every time I take a dab and rotate what I’m dabbing. Never had a problem with smell or taste storing this way. The fridge works but I’ve never found it necessary.

  2. It’s because they are cannabis derived. They are selling them at their usage margin. Meaning that they make them for full cannabis carts and want to be able to sell them at cost usage per cart.

  3. Yeah, it does have a nice flavor and I do buy them, but it’s just distillate with added live terps. This standard sauce cart is definitely a step above the br ones. I love Durban though, always so good.

  4. Just an fyi, BR had 100% live durban carts and distillate infused durban live carts. What’s the difference between these and a 100% live resin cart?

  5. I haven’t seen a 100% Durban live resin from them, the Durban I have used multiple times says it’s live resin, but the ingredients say it’s infused distillate.

  6. They had a small run of the 100% live. Which probably sold out very quickly and got lost in the confusing packaging they put out. Perhaps they will make more. Any ideas what makes these carts from standard and one Origen “sauce carts”? I always thought that meant they had mostly thca in them.

  7. Thanks for posting, I've been wondering about this stuff. Looks delicious, but really soupy. Is it hard to handle with a tool?

  8. Delta shift live resin is a cold cured Ht-cryogenic hydrocarbon extraction with it’s carboxyl group removed up to 90% in solution under an inert atmosphere. The process prevents oxidation while preserving the entire terpene ratio and spectrum. With most of the carboxyl group removed in the solution, a much lower temperature can be used for vaporization. This means vaping temps start at 157c vs. starting at 210c for high THC-a dabs. Results are stronger effect, while Using less product, and less heat.

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