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  1. I think they had an oopsie hookup early on, maybe season 8 when James lost his shit after Rachel didn’t come home that night.

  2. Yeah that makes sense actually - them both agreeing to leave their significant others and she made good on it while Tom has had excuses.

  3. In the peacock version there’s extended convo where he gets really bothered by the implication he’s stupid. This sort of comment - as LaLa admitted in that episode she has a big ego - is a testament to his callousness. The idea that LaLa wants to copy someone else is a hit to her ego and hence the reason he says it.

  4. It was in my “continue watching” area

  5. Top half pageant interview, bottom half mistress

  6. Oh yassss bring her out. Want to see the spicy reactions to her entrance

  7. Tom is literally scared of accountability

  8. Jesus 😲 idk how she's gonna pay that off. I don't really see teen mom paying well enough or lasting long enough to. It's really a shame after all this time she never found another side hustle/skill/job/investments.

  9. A lawyer will settle that figure down for her.

  10. He’s so wishy washy. Just wants everyone to like him

  11. So many “coincidences” and “glitches”

  12. 1- called it! 2- might explain why TS has supposedly been sober for 50 days

  13. “Difficult and emotional thing for him to navigate” - he did this and he doesn’t like not being beloved.

  14. No offense but who cares? I mean this in a respectful response. Ariana DIDN’T WANT TO HAVE SEX. Who cares how much freedom he had? He probably didn’t care and would rather have been home in bed with her. If Raquel is interested in a sex life then he wins. That’s all.

  15. Rachel stop sleeping with James for a full year. I think what a lot of people don’t realize is that when you are with someone who you think or suspect is up to something not good or maybe not home enough (and let’s not forget Ariana was saying that she had been checking Tom’s phone lately), you don’t easily get intimate with them. There’s a reason this is a recurring theme for the women that Sandoval is with. It’s because they know or suspect somethings happening and in turn they can’t feel comfortable getting intimate with him. Rachel did the same with James probably for the same sort of reason and it’s just going to be a younger Girlfriend with the same setting in a couple of months.

  16. She was pretty lenient with James and he walked all over her.

  17. Yes, but the motivation for that was to stay on the show. Once she was able to get a little bit of her own storyline, hence waitressing at Sur, she left him despite saying yes to be engaged to him. She knew who he was and when she said yes they weren’t sleeping together. She I think felt she secured enough of her spot that she could stay on the show without being with him.

  18. Tom seems to shower women with attention early on and accelerate the relationship status which likely makes them feel like they’ve found the guy.

  19. I doubt it. All of the scenes with Brock had Scheana and Brock together, and nobody has been able to come up with a situation when Brock and Raquel were together alone (I remember sleuths were posting on the sub during filming about Raquel and Sandoval at The Abbey, but it was glazed over)

  20. Interesting it is well known that threesomes are the demise of relationships.

  21. Could be that Scheana knew… like she helped to cover some of it up… after her siding with the girls this might hurt a lot of the cast.

  22. That would be a big shock actually and a huge betrayal

  23. I never disparaged anything involving any local police anywhere.

  24. Yeah LA likely has the capability to investigate it if they see it as a credible threat. Maybe they didn’t take it seriously or maybe they looked into it and her family wasn’t content with the findings. But absent extortion or wire fraud I don’t see this being something they’d take

  25. Ah now we are getting somewhere as I have said repeatedly it’s about illegal money making with the fbi cyber crimes division. Repeatedly I have said this. And they have a monetary gain level it has to meet. Wanna go back and assert that to appear previously too??

  26. I said that early on in different comments on this thread. Go find them.

  27. Ugh I feel bad she’s getting death threats but this is not something FBI would handle. Unless ransom and multi-state wire fraud is included, the threat would be isolated to her physical location and her safety would be prioritized which is something local PD would do.

  28. Does he gesture weird to show off the nail polish, or am I reading too much into it?

  29. I mean he might. Think about how much we notice his nails. I don’t even notice scheana’s nails as much and they’re like 3 inches long

  30. Right?! It’s hideous and basic which is so contradictory to his persona it makes me wonder what his reasoning is lol

  31. He is basic. He’s afraid ppl will think he’s boring so he overcompensates but it’s obvious now

  32. I know that adderall is infamously known as just a stimulant that is often abused. But for those with adhd, it literally calms them. One of my best friends from HighSchool was known to have adhd. And this was during a time when adhd was not commonly spoken about or not being recognized as it is today. When he would come to school and be super hyper to the point of almost easily aggressive in his outbursts, everyone would always ask if he took his “meds” that day, aka his adderall lol because when he did take them, he was much more calm and grounded and not so quick to react. So just playing devils advocate, that this could also be the meaning behind her question in the other direction.

  33. Yep I’ve been on ADHD meds for 25 years. Maybe he seemed uppity so she was asking if he didn’t take his meds. My husband can tell if I don’t, I’m much more trigger happy and impulsive

  34. Yeah so the alleged one night stand happened way earlier. The affair was going on in the summer

  35. I hate to believe this, but there is one reason I do: I don't think Raquel would have called off the engagement if she didn't know she would be sticking around. She didn't know about her next contract at the reunion.

  36. Tom is just a misogynistic middle-aged man who wants a little wife at home pining for him. He’s dressed up like a progressive but at his core, he’s that

  37. Easy bc unless the girl is worshipping him and available to him at all times his ego gets crushed so he starts sleeping with someone else. He pulls away, gf gets suspicious and stops sleeping with him.

  38. Seeing Rachel love James and Sandoval go at it.. gross

  39. Ratchet loving what she perceived as James and Sandoval fighting over her

  40. Schwartz riding for Sandoval like this scandal and his divorce aren’t rendering him useless/ ending his storyline on the show.

  41. This is a really good point about the parallel to Schwartz covering for him. He’s being villainized for doing exactly what Ariana had done almost their entire relationship.

  42. Yeah, but that’s really maybe a key staple to her character she’s always been a bit of a hypocrite. Like she’s all about women’s rights, but lies right to Kristin‘s face and I thought she had a duty to Kristin but shouldn’t have to gaslight her either and call her crazy. She enables bad behavior, probably from some trauma of some sort, but also likes to appear cool and collected and it doesn’t always a line and that’s why I was never like the biggest fan of hers, though I still consider her one of the characters I like more than the others.

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