1. Not a Rolex but GF has just released a rep of the 34mm JLC master ultra thin moon.

  2. Princess has invested in enhanced air filtration. air in public areas and staterooms is changed out every 5/6 minutes and they use HEPA in 'key areas.' I wish they were a little more specific about that.

  3. I'm pretty sure that's just the ventilation requirement/ standard it was likely built to. Several air exchanges per hour in public areas is pretty common for HVAC design.

  4. Whatever the ANU does it is because of money.

  5. They are apparently planning to build a paid carpark on the area... Go "environmental sustainability" I guess?

  6. Is this real? What the hell is going on in the ACT, and this crazed car park culture. What about active travel? Far out.

  7. I haven't posted for a while so figured it was a perfect time to do a state of the collection.

  8. I'm guessing the seiko and the casio are gen. What's the other one?

  9. I used Mooney Moves to relocate here from interstate (but he's based in Canberra). Really good guy and very accommodating.

  10. It's a vintage Rolex Oyster Perpetual, don't know anything more about it.

  11. It's a bad fake. Worth nothing. Inside you'll find a cheap Chinese quartz movement worth about 50c.

  12. Labor+materials+margin on literally any frame does not cost more than $500. Marketing, R&D, QC, demand etc. of the big brands drives the market price.

  13. Yep this - the actual cost of a production frame to a brand is going to be $500 or less. Bikes cost $5000+ for a frame set because they spend so much on marketing (and because more expensive is perceived to be better) not because the frame costs more to make. The most time intensive part is painting the bike.

  14. I think it's worth mentioning though that this is at production scale. The tooling costs for small batch frames, assuming they aren't open mold, will drive costs significantly higher for a small builder. Economy of scale and all that. Molds are spendy if you're only putting out a few hundred units.

  15. Agreed - but lower volume is usually done as a bonded section not a full EPS mould to counteract this. You can also do moulds in foams and other materials (although they don't last long at all - effectively they're single digit use).

  16. Try searching on AliExpress - most small parts are used on several bike frames. But best to measure.

  17. I mean it's the cross - take a look around and let me know what's not weird.

  18. It's the Chifley building - I mean what do you expect for a New York style investment banking building. No one parking there is paying out their own pockets.

  19. Thanks. I sent pic and they were able to copy colour. Can't seem to post picture here but it looks good👍🏻

  20. You can upload it to Imgur and post the link here. But good to hear you got the same colour - it really is a stunning colour in person!

  21. OK thanks. Lovely looking bike and really eye catching colour👍🏻👍🏻. I'll get emailing them today a d try and explain what I'm looking for Thanks for reply

  22. Just send them the picture of this bike and ask for the same colour. They'll know what colour it is.

  23. There is no requirement any more, but you'll find most airlines still seem to apply their own arbitrary rules. On a recent flight back I was asked for my vaccination certificate at check in (as a non citizen) but it wasn't required for my partner (a citizen).

  24. Yeah - its poor for north south-planning. Kent St starts 50m away to the right but to go north south in the CBD from Central you need to ride along Castlereagh st then cut across past World Sq and then continue up Kent.

  25. Watched it and commented. I disagree on one thing mostly - I hope that reps will finally force swiss companies to change their point of view. Swiss watches are way overpriced and - in case of Rolex - limited to the point of ridicule. My idea is - if suddenly all gen watches were easily available and a Pepsi costs $2000 instead of $10500 mrsp - I think a lot of rep buyers would consider and buy a gen watch.

  26. The F1 Santos Dumont quartz is about 178 from Hont.

  27. This - but please do yourself a favour and swap the strap (to a delugs or ziczac).

  28. Are they the custom Delugs straps made for the Dumont, or just regular straps?

  29. Just standard straps - they are doing some special straps too but I don't find the gapping an issue on my wrist because the watch is small enough to mean the strap sits flat on the wrist.

  30. Looks like a spoiler sticking out of Rhodes

  31. Needs the JDM bodykit too for the full Rhodes experience 🤣

  32. I use to take the Rivercat daily and one of the boats had a trainee/new hire working. Sometimes he missed it 2-3 times in a row before succeeding.

  33. I would have thought a somewhat elastic arm with magnetic connectors would be better. But what do I know.

  34. Most of the ferries are aluminium - makes it hard to magnet them! Having them on the boat instead would just lead to them being snagged/ripped off in about a week.

  35. Hey I have this watch, I kinda want to do the same polishing like yours. I don’t like how shiny it looks out the box. How do I go about it? Do I just as a professional watchmaker to polish it.

  36. Mod was the polishing and finishing - service was just a movement service (and rotor silencing).

  37. What kinda of polishing is this called if I want to go about it with a watchsmith? Also what is the benefit of the servicing you mentioned?

  38. I don't know what type of polishing was done. I'm not the expert in that - all I know is Legend refinished my watch to gen spec. What he did to achieve that I don't know.

  39. You'll find them on youku and qq video. However, they're in chinese and you need to know chinese to search for them. Only advice is to try the factory name and 厂 (i.e. Clean厂 for clean factory) and the model number which will help nail down the videos.

  40. Rhodes optometry (in the new shopping centre) has reglazed existing frames for me. They are pretty good value too - between $120-250 for a reglaze depending on the lenses you need.

  41. If you're happy to order online, I've been happy with my Meermin shoes. They're a Spanish brand, Goodyear welted (so they are durable and can be resoled), and pretty well priced for such a shoe. Anything under $200 will likely be glued and will probably fall apart in 12-18 months.

  42. If the guy has wide feet Meermin isn't much use because they're narrow lasts - apart from their Hiro G last.

  43. Thanks mate, not sure what the downvotes are for? No big deal il be keeping the watch

  44. No idea if this is a shitpost or not - but this is the Santos Dumont model and it's the signature of Alberto Santos-Dumont (the aviator the original watch was made for and whose namesake the watch takes from).

  45. Ohhhhh I am so wrong then. I went and checked my Santos Medium and told his gentleman accordingly 😶

  46. Only the Santos Dumont have the markings. The normal Santos does not.

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