1. One of my favorite flowers from them. I love BE -always have at least one jar - currently it's Burkle.

  2. Sometimes I add it to my coffee but usually I just eat it. You can put it on a chocolate or cracker if you like. Personally I like the weedy taste😅. Start slow for dosing and adjust as needed. You get a dosing spoon(which is too small for me!). I don't use it everyday, but it's great for morning when I'm extra achy, it smoothes down those rough edges. Also good for those times you can't vape or smoke.

  3. Try the honey-best bang for your buck imo. I've had cokoh, BR, and Hon so far - all good. Lasts a long time.

  4. I have this exact stand! Mine's black. I bring it in for winter.

  5. I love their honey💜. Just got some flower - Fresh Powder and it's pretty good!🔥🔥😎

  6. Looks good I wanna try it. Really liked their fat billy & Jack herer. Merry Christmas to you!

  7. Just finished a jar last week and would gladly buy again. It was on point.🔥🔥🔥 Fat Billy was good, but the Jack was better.

  8. Your fish are Stunning-so vibrant and fun😻. Thanks for sharing the detailed directions - how kind!

  9. How Sweet! I prepare by eating candy corn and all other little treats in sight😅.

  10. About 2 and a half months I'd say. I didn't use it daily,but I also didn't skimp when I did. I even shared some with friends who loved it - esp for pain/sleep.

  11. Just finished my jar - so yummy! Lasted a looooong time.

  12. He looks lonely out there by himself. The other ones are grouped together and seem to be faring better.

  13. It will get more yellow - be patient 🤗. You will know😉

  14. BE is always on hand here. Crushed berries and Burkle are two of my favorites. Has anyone had Tippy Toes yet?

  15. It's so Lush! Well done. I think I'm in 5b also-ne Ohio. I got a late start, but I hope mine looks like yours soon.

  16. Lovely 🌹. I love hydrangeas - esp the blue purple ones. You're Lucky-Enjoy!

  17. Thanks for sharing this. I recently read to top pepper plants - even if there's fruit. Was afraid to try and then a mystery critter topped several for me😅

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