I started playing Pokémon in 2012, and I just got my 2nd shiny today. And it was during Calculus. On a school calculator that I jailbreaked...

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  1. To add to this, you don’t need very much of it either. Within a few weeks a little duckweed will turn into a blanket of duckweed.

  2. Depends on whether turtle will like eating it. My late pearl gourami managed to eat all the duck weed in my tank. Luckily (or not) I had another tank that was full of duckweed.

  3. Reminds me of that one particular scene from “Everything Everywhere All At Once.”

  4. Just the yarn? I'd make them pay for the hours and hours of work too 😱

  5. From my quick googling it looks like they cost anywhere from $750 to $7500 to have installed. That's like decades worth of Brita filters.

  6. You can get an under the sink single faucet RO/DI system to drink from for $100-400. Thought about getting one for my aquariums but all ro/di systems will waste about up to 4 gallons per gallon RO water so I decided against it.

  7. It’s crazy that we don’t implement the absolute highest safety measures to protect them.

  8. If only Republicans would stop depowering the EPA, fucking up water supplies (e.g. Flint, MI), etc.

  9. And risked getting your ass kicked by Meta Worldpeace

  10. I’m the most masked person you’ll speak to, but no one needs to be wearing a mask outdoors unless they’re in an extremely dense crowd - especially if they’re vaccinated. And if you’re not vaccinated, at this point, you get what you get.

  11. I usually do when I'm about to use Septa/go into places that still require it because I don't want to forget to pull it up. I always keep my hoodie hood down though. Those hood + mask people sus af.

  12. Living in a society where people gave a shit about people other than themselves

  13. OP is ‘babysitting’ thus fish, gonna assume they can’t afford a real tank so the fish can chill with them for a few days

  14. I know it is not your fish, but that it a terribly cruel tank jar to keep anything in

  15. Many years ago, the California arm of my family (aunt, cousins, their kids - probably 15 total people) came to Chicago to visit us all. Unknown to me, they picked the Rosemont Hilton - during Midwest Fur Fest.

  16. I would preferred it to be done by shin godzilla, but I guess shin Gogzilla will do too.

  17. If they're good enough for David Attenborough, they're good enough for me.

  18. well, at least 1 person does now

  19. What a terrible day to have comprehension of Terran language.

  20. Lavlune is such a massive dumbfuck that I honestly don't think any stupid thing she says is actually influenced by anything outside her own brain.

  21. For people with less time: fill a bucket or a Brute trashcan on wheels with water and throw a heater in there overnight.

  22. Is anyone in those neighborhoods gonna turn in those kids though.

  23. Poorest large city in America! That said, those numbers might decrease if you eliminated people who game the system one way or another. I have coworkers who don’t “live” where they live so their SO can get snap. Mixed feelings on that.

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