1. I used to do wrestling training at the leisure centre there (I hear it’s been knocked down and relocated?) it’s definitely not the best place but it seemed like a place that’d be okay to live. As other’s said it’s a good location for travelling to most of the south east as there are good transport links.

  2. Yesterday don’t mean shit, it’s actually the first song I heard from them.

  3. What I don’t understand about that is how FFFH is still alive seeing as they were both somewhat intertwined with eachother. It would’ve been cool to resurrect at some point but I have come to the acceptance stage of grieving in terms of the fiend being dead.

  4. I went to the Download festival pilot in 2021 and was checking out some of the bands on the lineup, I wasn’t initially too stoked on them upon first listen but I did think they were cool and that they would be a great band to watch tripping.

  5. I started watching it around the same kinda time and when the final episode ended, I went straight back to episode one.

  6. He looks a bit like Adam Rose in that photo, so people could possibly get them mixed up at first.

  7. As a huge fan of theirs, I wouldn’t wanna see them on either the main or second stage unless they were headlining because their show is a lot better in a dark setting. When they were in the tent last year it was fine because it darkened things a bit.

  8. Festivals on your own can be great depending on your mindset towards it, and like others have said it gives you the freedom and independence to see and do what you want.

  9. It’s a dream lineup really I wish I lived in the US to see it, their style’s definitely compliment eachother most to any other lineup they could’ve chosen.

  10. They’re the tightest, heaviest and LOUDEST band I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen Gojira who is supposedly very hard to top live (aside from Meshuggah who I have not seen) and also death metal acts as well. They’ll rock your socks right off

  11. Meshuggah are absolutely worth checking out live, a monster sound comes from that stage when they’re on

  12. Cops were already closing in on Sully since he was off the rails and Dushane had to go into hiding, thats why the Albanians basically ran things until Jaime murders them.

  13. The Turks took over from the Albanians and it was the Turks that Jamie wiped out. I can’t recall Fields being in Summerhouse I could be wrong but I’m guessing they rose up in this time frame. Also Dris I guess was running Summerhouse in this time.

  14. Fields were the crew with Scorcher who kept robbing dushane and sully in the OG series

  15. If we're having a moan about concert goers the guys behind me and my mate queueing to go in tonight did my fucking head in! Moaning about the length of the queue, how the venue had changed, how ridiculous it was they'd been moved to seats. I see the irony that I'm moaning about it now but, fuck me mate, if it's that bad then why didn't you just stay at home!?

  16. While I do fully agree with most of what you’re saying, if they initially paid to be in standing only to get moved to seating it’s not particularly ideal. One of my tickets was moved to seated but luckily my friend was a champ and took the L and had the seated ticket so I could be at the front. Seated definitely isn’t as good as standing so I can relate.

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