1. Yes I am. For some reason if anybody were to pose as me I have the cow sticker next to my name given to me by the mods to verify me

  2. That summer playlist was nostalgic from the first time I ever turned on the game

  3. Tell the truth.... you made this post just to make everybody open up to this picture.

  4. Would be nice if I could buy 'em all for 19.99$ (same price as the OG game).

  5. That would actually be really cool. Like in the shop there is an option to "Buy original game"...

  6. That is literally not what it's about, what are you talking about? We paid, you didn't. It's not about the time.

  7. ig i just dont see why it can't be for everyone... i mean its just a few items

  8. dang bro, thats just karma for all of the ankles u break yourself!

  9. How do you know which ones are pc players? I thought it would all be psynet

  10. i queued with a pc friend he he was complaing about how long he had to wait for me lol

  11. while you are inside the goal trying to save literally turns the screen fully white for a split second if ur inside the explosion....

  12. That's awesome! Congrats! Maybe rocket league is good for something, after all.

  13. Idk bro if ur gold 3 and doing this u might need to work on some other stuff... either way, good shot!

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