1. All AA meetings should be free! I hope you’re doing okay. Sending you love 🧡

  2. I’m just at the 6 month mark too, and I’ve also been feeling anxious!! I don’t think I’ve been doing enough sobriety work (I’m in the program) which typically helps me let go of things a bit easier. I’ve been trying to be better about my medication and vitamins, working out, sleeping enough, and eating better. Basically just taking care of my baseline before I can do anything else (learned that from my therapist who learned it from Stutz, Google “Stutz life force”).

  3. Yes. Luke is too good for Lorelai. I love them together but honestly feel like she didn’t treat him as well as he deserves.

  4. Gasp, I feel the opposite of that! I love them together but she did deserve better. Of course he understood her and such, but ultimately he never wanted to change or budge or compromise. Even when she was just considering traveling for work, he threw a fit because that’s just not in his interests. Like bro, chill

  5. Congratulations! I’m right around the same amount as you and while it’s not always easy, it’s more than worth it. And ultimately it’s very freeing!

  6. So freeing! What have been some of your favorite parts of this new life?

  7. Congrats!! 6 months is a huge accomplishment that takes active willpower and discipline!!

  8. I have lost weight because I’m not drinking in those calories and I’m not hungover anymore so I have more willingness to workout and not eat crap tbh hahaha

  9. I love your share!! There’s a balance between working on sobriety and being of service - but also I have other people outside of the program who I can also be of service to by sharing a good meal or getting into bed with on time, or listening about their week, and they’re closer to us than we think. Such a good reminder, and I’m proud of you!!

  10. You just ease into it! Just like anything else, it’ll be weird at first but it’ll get easier and you’ll feel a lot more sure of yourself.

  11. Do you only meet up with other non-drinkers, or just make sure they've not had too much?

  12. I personally just try to avoid drinking activities as it can kind of make me want to drink. But i never minded being with non drinkers, as long as they weren’t in a hugely altered state of mind, aka too drunk or weird. Haha

  13. I love coming home sober!!! And then waking up the next day you’re like YESSSSSSSSSSSS. Congrats!!

  14. Until hefty enforcement occurs, nothing will change. My reactive, leashed dog also does not like the free roamers. And no amount of “he’s friendly” changes that.

  15. Someone once was like “you’re doing this to your dog” like no she was traumatized as a street dog and just gets overwhelmed but thanks so much. Just keep your dog on a leash and if you don’t make sure they mind and stay close to you, easy as that.

  16. I love using HALT. First learned about it in ED recovery, but works wonders in other recovery too :) thanks for sharing! IWNDWYT

  17. I’m going to be getting back in the swing of things with my sponsor. Yay us! Thanks for hosting. IWNDWYT

  18. Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself if stay sober, and that’s hard enough as it is. Congrats, friend!!!

  19. It’ll come. You’ll be surprised how many people out there just don’t drink. I’ve also made some killer friends in AA (I go to women’s meetings and young people’s meetings since that’s what I identify with, and there are probably some out there that you would identify with too, if AA is your thing). Relapse is a part of a lot of our stories, mine included. Happy day 8!!!!

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